Name 3 draft picks you can undo under this regime

Mine would be TJ Watt Instead of Davis . Next would be Kamara instead of Tabor of course . Next would be the one most wouldn’t like Lamar Jackson instead of Ragnow … Those would be mine how bout you.

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Winovich over tavai

Darby over Tomlinson

Hunter over abdullah

I’ve actually considered this. I think Quinn’s entire tenure could have been different if he had just done this:

  1. TJ Watt over J. Davis.
  2. Kamara over Tabor
  3. Kittle over Roberts

Because what’s happened is that we’ve had to draft those positions higher in the draft because we never plugged the hole. Or plugged it with a FA. So for instance, we didn’t need to trade up for Kerryon. We could have stayed put or traded up for somebody different. We didn’t need to blow a first round pick on a TE.


  • Dalvin Cook over Jarrad Davis


  • I’m actually ok with the Ragnow pick, but yeah I’d take Jackson over Stafford

  • Additionally, I’d love to undo the trade up for Kerryon Johnson, which is too bad because I think Kerryon is a good player. I just see too many injuries for us to count on him in any capacity.


  • Man, I’m still furious about the Hockenson pick. I’d take Oliver, Bush, Jonah Williams, Christian Wilkins, Josh Jacobs and a handful of other guys over Hockenson. Above all of these options I would have traded down for sure. No way in hell I’d ever take a TE at #8 overall. The Lions never learn.

2009 - Matt Stafford over Michael Crabtree. I like Matt so it would be nice to see him play with a franchise that doesn’t completely suck balls. Crabtree is a bit of a douche so I’m okay with him having to live with the same misery we do.

After that I don’t really care.

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Lamar Jackson has been fantastic. With that said, no way do I take him over Stafford. He runs way too much. Unfortunately that will catch up to him. Nor do I think he is anywhere close to Stafford when it comes to throwing the ball


Agreed Cam Newton has a body three times as durable as Jackson and he’s barely going to make it seven full seasons. Guys like Stafford play long careers because they don’t take that many shots as ball carriers

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Davis, Tabor, Kerryon

The 3 that stick out are the early picks.

2017 Davis in the 1st… I would have grabbed Njoku at the time. Peppers was pretty high on my list, but Njoku is there.

2017 Tabor in the 2nd… Zach Cunningham for sure. Obi Melifonwu or Chidobe Awuzie were also on my list.

2018 Ragnow is fine, but I wouldn’t have traded up for KJ. At the time… honestly… I’m taking Guice at our regular position.

2019 I would have taken Jonah Williams or possibly even Montez Sweat.

Anyway, for better or worse, those are 4 that I would undo the day they were made, not just in hindsight.

TJ Watt was that long ago? Dang. Yeah, I do that too and I don’t even think Davis has been terrible it’s his just very noticeable on Blown plays

Devin Bush over TJH. Anything over Teez. The sloth from the Geico commercial over Tavai.

He’s the worst rated LB in the NFL. The people at PFF think he’s terrible and so do I.

Yep. Our run defense sucks. We get gashed across the middle. Tight ends can do whatever they want but “our MLB is fine” lol.