Name a player the Lions WON’T draft

I thought it might be a fun exercise to name players the Lions won’t draft.

Any player any round. Name off the guys you think the Lions won’t draft. Are bad fits etc.

I’d love to hear why you think the Lions won’t draft them.

I’ll start - S Grant Delpit won’t get drafted by the Lions because of this statement last year by MP

I put a high priority on tackling just in general for our team and I don’t think we can change that depending on whatever position it is,”

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Tua, injury riddled history with multiple surgeries in a brief college career. If he can’t handle it in college, no way he will in the Pros. Throw in we have a very good QB, in a win now yr. Our poor history with injury prone players , coming of a season we were decimated by injuries, this is the one guy I would put money on we don’t draft.


Young either won’t be there and BQ will draft someone else.


Because we have a more-Simmonsy guy in JRM than is Christian Jones. Yet its Jones that gets most of the snaps by far. This is because our HC values run stuffing ability at all front seven spots and rarely chooses to sacrifice that stoutness for speed/athleticism. JRM is clearly better in coverage than Jones, worse taking on blocks against the run, and more productive behind the LOS if he’s kept in space. Killebrew as well though even more Safety in your WLB/Safety hybrid player.

If we truly preferred a cover backer over another run defender at LB, we already own that option, yet never or rarely choose it. Late in the year when Jones was out, JRM played well IMO. The LB play got better once all the fat boys were on the bench hurting and the smaller faster backers were at those spots. But I expect that my view doesn’t matter to Patricia and when everyone is healthy again, we won’t be seeing much below 250 at any LB spot getting much run.


CEH , He’s the shortest of the RB’s , ONE of the lightest ( not named Benjamin or McFarland) , I think at least 3 other backs are more gifted runners, kind of a one-season-explode on the scene guy

Was going to name: Javon Kinlaw , but he’s my “Darkhorse” guy that I think we draft.

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Tua, Simmons and I think Chaisson.

Broke ass Tua.


Joe Burrow and Chase Young. Three for three.

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Yadsloof Lirpa!

Anyone from the den.:crazy_face:

TUA, Dobbins, Taylor.

Cesar Ruiz. I like him as a prospect, but I can’t see us draft a center and moving Ragnow. And I think he’s a waste transferring to OG.

Anyone with a high ceiling


Can’t answer don’t want to be on record so you just do as always CHEAP SHOT


Henderson any QB an Chaisson an Simmons

Anyone at picks 4-32.

Tua, and Young, just because Young will be gone.

If we are in position to draft Chaisson where his value is (ie not at 3-6) then I honestly think he’s exactly the type of player we’d take. He’s nearly the exact same size as Kennard was and is more explosive and bendy. He’d be a perfect JACK for us and allow us to move Collins to WILL. He’s my second favorite EDGE player after CY. Not a ton of production and will likely be a better pro. But what production he does have, is against the best college football had to offer.

I can’t help but wonder if the teams calling Washington are calling to trade up for Chase Young and not a QB.

6’3 307. I don’t think we are talking about a 6’1 295lb type guy that is forced to play Center. We have a habit of taking interior Olineman that have played both positions. Ragnow was a Center coming out. We made him a Guard in year one and he started in year one. Glasgow was a Center, we made him a Guard in his 3rd season. I keep trying to find tape of Ruiz getting pushed back, but it just doesn’t happen. He’s not going against 270lb guys, he’s mixing it up with Big Ten NT’s. Still he wins snap after snap. He’s got huge paws and put up more reps on the bench than did Cushenberry who I also like a lot. Ruiz to RG would be a cake transition IMO. Yes he could put on a little weight, but we run a ton of inside zones and trap plays where we can utilize his athleticism. The fact that he’d be a great Center for us if Ragnow gets hurt, is just gravy and the type of gravy BQ laps up.

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Agree, I hope he lasts until 35

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