Nate Solder on CBA

“You have a couple of guys on Twitter who have millions of followers criticizing the deal. Other guys who support it might have 5,000 followers,” Solder said. “Their voices aren’t loud. In some ways, I’m trying to be a voice for the voiceless.”

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Over 60% of the league players play at the league minimum. This deal would give them all over 492,000 a year raises. Plus HUGE medical benefits. The Sherman and JJ Watts of the nfl are only thinking of themselves not the little guys who are the working force.
This will pass imo cuz of that 60% force

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“but we’re making incremental gains on player health and safety”

Isn’t it a 10 year deal? Are incremental gains what you want to do when the deals are 10 years long? Seems like a bad way to make incremental gains in that area.

The problem is that this new CBA has advantages and disadvantages, but they don’t have any crossover. From my understanding, the biggest changes affecting players are:

  1. Bigger roster
  2. Higher minimum pay
  3. Extra game

You can basically split the roster in half in terms of talent, and the upper half receive nothing while the bottom half receive everything. If you’re a top player, you’re very likely a roster lock so bigger roster means nothing. You’re well above minimum salary, so a higher minimum salary is meaningless. But since you’re a good player, you will most likely be playing that full extra game, so this deal to you is essentially playing an extra game each year for nothing.

If you’re in the bottom half of a roster, the bigger roster size increases your chances of making the cut if you’re on a bubble. You are a lot closer or even at minimum salary, so this can mean a pay increase. And if you’re a backup, or a backup backup, you won’t be playing the extra game anyway. If you do, you most likely do not play very much so any extra opportunities to take real snaps are welcome.

The problem is that there are very few players that are affected by both sides of the coin in this new CBA.

At any rate, we don’t really know how the negotiation went, so I can’t say for sure that a better offer is possible. The one thing I do believe and most would agree on is that adding a 17th game is huge for the league. This is the players best chance to get their demands met. Yes the majority of the players will get a pay raise, but what about guaranteed deals? What about changing buyout and waiver deadlines so players can’t get screwed over by teams holding them hostage?

While the extra benefits I have read do seem nice, I feel like they should at least try to get more out of this deal.

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It’s the highest share percentage of any major sport and they play the fewest games of any major sport. Personally I don’t see the issue with the extra game.

The NFL owners were smart with this CBA. They loaded it up to have the most impact on the majority of the players and the least impact on the top tier guys. There is a far too big salary gap between the two in my opinion.

I think if the majority were smart they would pass this.


It’s good that the minimum wage guys got a healthy bump
That had to happen

Are they dropping a PS game along with adding the 17th game?
You can see this going to 18 games eventually

Always thought an 18 game schedule with only 2 preseasons, 2 byes and increase squads to 60. Not too far off on my original position. The added playoff teams are just a bonus.

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If they need an extra bargaining chip to get them over the hump, take weed off the banned substances list. I’m actually pretty surprised they’d float passing a 10 year CBA without that happening.

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