NBA/MLB coaches ejected from games for screaming at refs, why not NFL

As an NBA and off/on MLB fan, I’ve seen coaches get into refs face, spit flying, screaming, throwing things and then get ejected. They have coordinators too, like the NFL, so its not an issue.

Why dont NFL coaches ever say anything or do anything to the refs. Why are they so civil, even when the call is terrible?

  1. Maybe they cant see what happens as well as the fans with 50" HDTV can with replays over and over?

  2. There is some kind of unspoken rule that they cant.

  3. Coaches are afraid they would never be hired by someone else? In the NBA it seems once you become a head coach they are set, forever. Guys will bomb out with 3-4 teams over 15 years, still get a new job somewhere else with a career .350 winning average. NFL is less forgiving? Doesnt seem like it really, can always go back to OC/DC or something else.

Whats going on?

I don’t think you’ve spent enough time actually watching the sidelines and how often coaches rip into the refs. Sometimes I’ve almost felt bad for the refs because the coaches are constantly in their ear chewing them out about something or trying to get some kind of future call set up.

Baseball ejections are staged and stupid. NBA coaches get tech’d up and potentially ejected for going after the refs the way NFL coaches go after them every Sunday.

Tons of coaches still go bezerk. Bill O Brien is always whining and throwing a fit. Matt Nagy goes bananas at times. Jason Garrett got a personal foul last week for swearing at ref and slamming a challenge flag down, he also had an altercation with that same official before that. I’ve seen Ron Rivera and Gruden recently go bonkers.

Patricia just has no energy/ fire. People would complain about Caldwell being lifeless, but even he had more of a sideline presence than Patricia IMO. Coaches should always be working the officials over IMO.

Eh…I think Patricia probably has about the same DISPLAYED energy/fire as BB does…which is next to nothing. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there just because he doesn’t go all Jim Schwartz and argue with everybody in sight including other teams players.

For one thing, the camera is not on Patricial 98% of the ballgame so nobody knows how many times he talks to the refs. And many coaches in basketball and football chew the refs ass non stop every time the ref runs past or is near him…with their arms folded across their chest and without looking at the ref.

I don’t know what he does or doesn’t say to the refs and neither does any other fan watching on TV. Just because a coach doesn’t wave his arms around and throw shit doesn’t mean he isn’t giving the ref an earful

We have no idea one way or the other. Not every coach acts like Jason Garrett and Jim Schwartz