NBA postpones playoff games

Let’s try this again. I won’t lock this thread for race baiting, I will take it up specifically with the poster.

Personally, I wish they would have allowed the Bucks to boycott and give them a loss. That would have been a statement and sacrifice. Its hollow now that the league simply postponed all the games.


Well the ratings are pretty bad, and I don’t think this will help.


Thanks Wes for starting another thread on this as I think it’s conversation worthy especially as it relates to what COULD happen during the NFL season… As long as it doesn’t get derailed from racist comments again.

As I understand it, and I could be wrong, Bucks offered to take the forfeit and Orlando said no.

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Interesting times we are living in isn’t it.
I personally think the NBA and NFL are out of touch. NBA ratings have been way down and I think the NFL will take a hit too.

I haven’t followed the NBA closely for 25 years so no loss for me.

The majority of law enforcement personnel are good people. Sure there are some bad apples and those need to get weeded out.

I think de-escalation training should become an even higher priority within the ranks given our current climate.

I do wonder why some individuals make the decision to argue and fight with the cops. Better approach I would think would be to adhere to the officers instruction.

Ok, I’ve rambled long enough. Take care guys.


I understand the players are trying to take a stand, but I don’t see where boycotting games solves anything. This has to be taken to the court and I don’t mean the basketball court.MLB is cancelling games too. Whatever their goals are I am not sure it will change what needs to be changed.

same as any other protest, it brings eyes to the cause.

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this is a part of the discussion that becomes very difficult but needs to be had. how people deal with law enforcement is a major issue. a lot of these situations can have been avoided if people don’t immediately start yelling and acting aggressively towards officers. whether the officer is right or wrong for their reason in stopping you is a different matter to discuss. the second you start being aggressive it makes the situation 1000 times more tense and hostile than it needs to be.

for example, i got pulled over in michigan for failing to come to a complete stop before turning right on a red light. i was pulled over by two squad cars and a canine unit. i was pulled out of the car and searched. i have no criminal record, no traffic tickets, i wasn’t drunk. it was the middle of the day. there was no reason for that kind of behavior by the police. i didn’t like it and wasn’t happy about it but i did what they told me to do and everything was resolved in the end. if i’d immediately gotten belligerent and aggressive i have no doubt in my mind that situation would have turned out very differently.

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@BlueWolverine02…you gotta do more than just bring eyes to it. Eyes where already brought to it. But these fatal encounters continue to happen. That should be the goal, that is what needs to be done. Stop the fatalities on these encounters between Police and unarmed citizens.


sure but what else can the players do?

You aren’t wrong (though Philandro Castille and that other guy down south who was reaching for his wallet might disagree) but that doesn’t excuse the reaction by the cops. Cops are the authority figure, the public servant, the representative of the government that are held to a higher standard. They need to do better.

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There are many things. Get involved by action. Go to these court hearings. Challenge the Senate and Congress to have reform and change laws. Offer financial support for the families of those who are victims of brutality so they can get the representation that can fight the DA’s office.

I’m watching Sportscenter right now…they said the Bucks are on a conference call with the Attorney General right now. Now that is a reason to not play.

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With that kid shooting people last night, it could get real damn bad in Wisconsin tonight so I think the NBA made the right call.

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Najacks, I’ve had an interesting run in with the police lately. Nothing too major from a criminal standpoint, it is ongoing so I will be watching my language and happy to update in a couple months.

To put simply: I was arrested, compliant, it was all very low key, 1st time I’m in my 30’s. I wasn’t bothered much by it despite some horrific treatment from L.E. in jail (my 1st night there ever). Vast majority officers there, slightly different than the field, are power tripping and deserve 0 respect… Pledged a fraternity in college and found this experience not too different with plenty of silver linings. Bonded with people I’d never encounter in day to day life from totally different backgrounds. That was cool.

Anyways, what really incensed me was when I see my chosen lawyer after the weekend and hear numerous lies and misquotations from the police report to try and strengthen their case. A different lawyer I spoke to when looking for representation said this cop in question was relatively honest… I have no reason to lie or pander about the story to this crowd. He lied in coordination with another cop in not the smartest of ways. So hopefully my attorney abuses them during the deposition.

Now what am I supposed to surmise about cops in general? I just experienced blatant disregard for honesty and integrity 1st hand with intent to harm me and adjoining consequences. It had nothing to do with race, everyone involved is white. At some point the whole bad apple theory doesn’t fly… it’s obviously a culture problem. I’ve been MEGA pissed every time I drive by a cop in the last couple weeks. It never hit me before to donate to anti-police initiatives because I thought the job was difficult and officers deserved serious empathy for that. Now extra motivated to get involved and move the needle to an acceptable medium. I genuinely feel bad for the good cop who catches my new attitude in the future. Like what happened to me, it’s going to be too bad. But I’m going to stand up for my rights and push back as allowed by the law. Their buddies ruined it for them, now there’s cleanup on aisle 4. This is a tiny example of the larger problem. Now consider related issues for the black community who are most impacted…

Why the do police deserve my respect and ultimate complacency when asked for wearing that uniform?

So regarding the NBA, they have influence to affect policy changes due to their role in society, $, etc. Are using that accordingly.

Sorry if that was too tangential, delete if it’s appropriate. Tried to provide alternative perspective to some stereotypes mentioned.


Guys - let’s steer this ship back to the NBA

Here comes another lock.

It’s all connected. I know that the mods are trying to fit these into niche topics so that it doesn’t slide into the political, but everything is political. BSanders is giving a personal anecdote that shapes his views with the police. I guarantee many of the NBA players could do the same thing.

The thing is, the end game of the NBA players is accountability and making police better, not getting rid of the police. Any NBA player would tell you that, if you asked them. That is what they are speaking out against, and bringing attention to. And guess what, you may hate it, but it is working. It is fostering discussion, and although it may be the minority view on this board, the majority of Americans feel the same way.


I know the mods have a tough job to do but you can’t open threads like these whether it’s protests or coronavirus topics even in a sports landscape and expect it to not devolve into political and racial talk.

IMHO, either let the thread breathe a bit and let people voice their opinions or don’t open these threads at all and stick to just football talk. Just my opinion.

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You may be correct with regards to the NBA, however the challenge is the nightly optics of totally destroyed communities, more deaths, injuries etc all in the name of this movement.

Is it fair to the movement, no, there is a lot of just cause with regards to policing and changes needed.

Yet the NBA will be lumped in with this nightly optic to a degree. Doesn’t help them when a player, a month or so back, was cheering on the rioting and destruction and they showed up at the gates to his private community and it was whoah wait not here.

Has the NBA come out against the rioting and killing that have followed these shootings or have they been silent? I haven’t watched the NBA in some time so not really sure.

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