🏈 NCAA Nat'l Championship

Clemson / LSU

Didn’t see a thread nor an NCAA post so here it is. This, on paper, looks like a classic matchup. The spread is dropping, down to -5. I’m leaning toward Clemson to pull it off. I mean TLaw has NEVER lost a game on the collegiate level. Unheard of.

So many potential Lions here, on display! Closest we’ll get to the promise land.


Hoping for a barn burner, that’d be cool! Or a healthy mix of scoring and defensive stands resulting in a dramatic finish. That’s what I think my ideal big game is since being a Lions fan I don’t know what one of those is. shrug haha, I hope it’s a good one! Don’t really care which program ends up taking the trophy.

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Agreed, I have no horse in this race. But Sweeney has an anti-Andy Reid approach to big games.

He wins them.

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Is this on today?

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8pm tonight. You deserve this…:facepunch:


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My head says LSU, but my heart is leaning Clemson. I’d love to see them upset LSU. Trevor Lawrence is the real deal. #TankForTrevor2021


Man, I had such a busy weekend…starting Thursday in Alpena. Drove to New Haven, then to Westland, then to my place in Lupton in time for the snow, then back to Alpena.
I don’t even know what day it is.

Don’t forget to pay me back the $500 I lent you. By the end of next week.

I’m looking forward to kick off.

Players I suggest you watch closely. Meaning the players I’m hoping the Lions can land.

RB - Travis Etienne - I really want to see this kid in Honolulu blue.

LB - K’lavon Chaisson - The OLB pass rush we need.

LB/S - Isaiah Simmons - Will he be a LBer or a S in the NFL? I like the kid but I’m not as big on him as some are.

WR - Justin Jefferson vs Tee Higgins

Obviously there’s more than this but these are the players I like to see the most in blue.

Who do you like for the Lions?


I’m the other way, my head says Clemson, but my heart says LSU. I just want to see someone else win besides Clemson/Alabama. Excited to watch the next two #1 OA draft picks play against each other.

Don’t forget Delpit

I like him too but my gut says the Lions won’t go safety before round 4.

In a trade down scenario…sure I would consider it.

I haven’t lost my mind (yet). Just forgot what day it is.
Deb had today off, so, I was thinking it’s Sunday.

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It’s a shame that TLaw can’t come out this year. In meaning, he would have been the #1 pick last year, this year and next year. it’s a waste to spend another year in a venue he has surpassed. There should be a committee to consider these generational athletes.

Just my two cents…

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Wasn’t expecting that.

On to the game!!!

My money is on the tigers to win!

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Yeah…Trump can only get away with showing his face in these types of settings in the South nowadays.