Ndamukong Suh will


They’re just following orders. Fire Goodell.


Artificial intelligence.


It is impossible because Goodell and the NFL are not interested in actually putting out a better product, they are interested in selling tickets. For him to come out and say that they “can’t afford” full time referees is pathetic.

It’s not difficult to fix it’s simply that they don’t care to fix it. They only way to force them to fix it is to stop watching games and people simply won’t do that. Same way they would rather complain about how much their new vehicle costs instead of driving their old one and forcing the market to come down.

Accept mediocrity and that’s what they will give you.


Right? How much did that boob spend on deflategate? $14M? $20M?

That waste of time and money could have paid for years of refs.


And here we are, fans of the Detroit Lions. This may as well be our motto.


As AngryDriver noted above, we spent just about every second between the no call and the next snap watching the play over and over again. Is it really going to harm the viewing experience to tack on extra minute or two, so we can be sure the call was correct? Of course not. Anyone watching that game who wasn’t a super homer Rams fan knew the refs screwed over the Saints. That non-call took a conference championship game the Saints had essentially won and put it back up for grabs.

If the league doesn’t fix that shit, they’ll never regain the confidence of the fans. Those conspiracy theorists who say the game was rigged to get the LA Rams a quick Super Bowl appearance to drum up support for the team will have something pretty solid to point to. The egregiously blown calls are a feature and not a bug, they’ll say. It will be hard to argue against that if the NFL doesn’t take the most obvious step to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


I think the league should have more interest in the Saints in the super bowl. More fans. Better story with Brees v. Brady.

Saints could have been the white hat team against the evil empire Patriots.

I can see them not wanting the hard choking Lions anywhere near the super bowl. But the Saints would have been just as good a rival as the Rams.


I agree that they need to put something in place that catches the no calls, which can, and has turned many games.
Please, don’t ask me to feel sorry for the Aints. They won a Super Bowl they didn’t deserve. They didn’t win the Wild Card game. The refs gifted it to them with any of 3 bad calls, or one spot of the ball that was 5 yards, FIVE YARDS, short.
Remember Green Bays Hail Mary? How do you “fix” it when they reveiw a play (face masking, in this case), and still blatantly get it wrong?
How about the screw job in Dallas? How about Dallas getting screwed in Green Bay the next week. That shit was ALL reviewed! And in New York, no less!
There’s a much bigger problem here, Sports fans!


LA is a huge new market. New Orleans already has an established fan base that sells out tickets. Nobody outside of KC really cares about KC (kind of like Detroit in that way).

Between the 4 teams, Rams/Patriots is the “best case scenario” for the NFL.


2014 impact on our current team:

1st - gone
2nd - gone
3rd - gone
4th - sucky back up player forced into starting role way too much
4th - gone
5th - gone
6th - 3rd-4th stringer
7th - gone


The mistakes of 2014 are still impacting the team.


And you think that’s bad, how about 2015?

1st - gone
2nd - gone
3rd - gone
4th - gone
5th - gone
6th - Starter
7th - gone

Thanks, Mayhew.