Need for Speed

The two Super Bowl teams are built on speed. Here’s a great article on how speed wins football games.

Meanwhile the Lions lack elite speed on both sides of the ball. Especially at OLBer and RB.


Good read, and you are spot on Air. We don’t have a burner at RB or WR on the entire roster, which is a crime in today’s NFL. Not 1 homerun threat. Don’t get me wrong, Kenny and Marvin are good players, but the straight-line speed is lacking.

On defense, I think Davis is fast, but he just runs aimlessly, so the speed is wasted. The secondary also doesn’t screen lightning, since they spent most of the season watching opponents streak to the end zone.


Personally I think this is BQ’s biggest crime. He needs more speed on both sides of the ball and at skill positions.

I really wanted RB Etienne for this reason.

I’ve been thinking more about this. The Lions play on turf. A fast surface. Mayhew drafted speed and measurables regardless on wether the kid was a baller or not. CHI and GB always left their grass long to take our speed advantage away so we struggled to win there but we were always competitive at home. Often upsetting superior opponents. Our speed helped us do that.

BQ comes in and claims to be building a team built for the playoffs. Suddenly we start taking speed off the team and drafting slower players.

Golladay has 4.5 speed
KJ refused to run at the combine but was clocked at his proday at 4.54.
Tavon Wilson ran a 4.52
We have two of the slowest OLBers in the game. Not to mention our DE’s are not really burners either.

I think BQ realized his team was losing the speed matchups and he needed to add more speed to the team. So last offseason he added in Will Harris 4.41 and ships out Diggs and his 4.56 speed. He brought in RB Ty Johnson and WR Carlin Isles who both have 4.2 speed. Not to mention Hock who is fast and physical (for a TE that is)

I think Bob Quinn is trying to get faster in the defensive backfield and at the offensive skill positions. But is looking for physical punishers in the trenches and at LBer. So he’s willing to give up speed in those situations. Personally I like range and physicality in my LBers and with my Safeties … but guys that are physical and fast aren’t easy to come by.

This has me wondering how this may effect BQ and the way he approaches the up coming draft and free agency. I think he will look to add more speed at the offensive skill positions & defensive backfield. While adding more physicality to the trenches.

I’d love to hear others thoughts on this take.

Who is Chris McKosky?

Hall ran a 4.28 dude. Perhaps you missed his tick off 40 YPC stat this year as he was taking the top off defenses. Also TyJo ran a sub 4.26 at his pro day. So yeah if that isn’t a “burner” at BOTH WR and RB I don’t know what you want.

I actually forgot about Hall too. Which further adds to my point. But I think BigTenPhan was referring to starter caliber players. I am anyway. Adding speed that barely gets snaps doesn’t help much. I think the Lions are trying to develop some speed players.

Ty Johnson didn’t do much with the opportunities he had. He’s a roster bubble guy.

Hall has vertical speed but didn’t show much in the route tree dept. another roster bubble guy.

Carlin Isles is a project at best. He’s on the PS.

I like the fact BQ is trying to develop and add some speed. But my point is that I believe he knows we lack speed and it will effect how he approaches the offseason.

Speed is what this team needs.

A typo and an incorrect Autocorrect… lol

To answer your question- He’s a beat writer but I meant Carlin Isles