Never too early for a Lions draft article

Kinlaw is way up there on my wish list.

For the first in quite awhile that we have to entertain the thought of a QB.

we already have a great one, who is still young, plus a good backup who looks to have a high ceiling. I feel QB is easily the strongest position we have.

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How explosive is Kinlaw? Is he fast? Quick? He definitely has the height to knock a lot of balls down.

South Carolina plays Clemson next so I’ll have to watch and keep an eye on him if I catch the game.

Bo Davis might go after Raekwon Davis from Alabama though…

Understood, but we are talking back. His second year with back issues and true he is young. But that body has been beaten down to that of a thirty eight year old.

Rememder, I did say “entertain”.

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I was PISSED that we never got an OL for Kevin Jones, too. He was a really good talent. Put him behind the worst OL in the history of football, and watch him effectively put up 1/4 of a normal NFL career. Hope they protect Matt. What he has been though is ridiculous. We’re on teh same page there, for sure.


I always wondered why he didn’t work out. I watched him a lot at Virginia Tech since he was local and he had some quick feet…got super busy with school those during those years and wasn’t as locked in to the team for a few years…did he get a lisfranc or am I confusing him w Kevin smith?

Well, Quinn will have to fix that!

Kevin Jones suffered a bad injury against the Bears and he was never the same after that.