New CBA implements rehab for sustance abuse

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Nice to see this…

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Doesnt it also get rid of suspensions for any type of drugs?

Edit: Yep, looks like it.

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that twitter statement is wrong I think

the player, if they refuse treatment, gets suspended.


There is technically a suspension still in place but that only happens if the player refuses to undergo testing or a treatment program in Stage 2, beginning with the fourth positive test. The fourth positive test results in a three-game suspension and goes up from there. As long as a player is still seeking treatment, they can only be fined for failing a test.

The 2020 substance-abuse policy, a link to which has been distributed to all players eligible to vote via email from NFLPA general counsel Tom DePaso, removes all suspensions for positive tests. Instead, players will be subject to fines only for a positive drug test.

Players in stage one of the program who test positive face no penalty at all, other than being advanced to stage two. In stage two, positive tests result only in fines.

For the first violation, the player loses one half of a game check. For the second violation, he loses a week’s pay. For the third violation, it’s two weeks’ salary. For the fourth and all subsequent violations, it’s a three-game fine. While that can get expensive, the player will still be allowed to play.

Suspensions under the new CBA arise only from a failure to cooperate with testing or clinical care while in stage two, and a suspension happens only at the fourth violation (three games). The fifth violation results in a four-game suspension, the sixth violation triggers an eight-game suspension, and the seventh violation leads to banishment for at least a year.

It “seems” the owner’s didn’t do too bad a job overall with the CBA… so far.

Most of the problem is weed. It’s not like you’ve got a bunch of heroin or meth problems here. Just take weed off the banned substances list and be done with it. If they did that they could ask for a freaking 20 game season and the players would jump on it and there would be very few suspensions, except the occasional steroid issue.

I think you’d see a lot more Adderall/heavy stim suspensions than you might expect.

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I dont think you can until all states with teams makes it legal…

Not advocating for guys using it, but what a company wants to test for, or not is up to them. Many companies do not administer tests at all as part of their hiring process. It’s not like they are handing it out in the training room.

I understand, and that’s actually a decent work around you just wrote on imho…

But, if I’m an owner and really trying to do the players right … I’d still test for it. Maybe cut back on it but still test- But that’s me

Imho - it need to be looked at on the same page as drinking.

You don’t play pro football drunk nor should you be high. Once you are chilling at home… hit it!

Once it’s legal in Oklahoma I’ll be getting a little… and only once I know I’m home for the night!!

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I think most owners see these guys as race horses. More concerned with what they deliver as opposed to how they live their lives, as long as it doesn’t impact the team or the shield by hitting the media. Hate to say it, but it’s what I believe. From what I understand “most” players smoke it and it’s sort of the worst kept secret in the world “when” they are going to administer tests for the non-suspension guys. Once you get popped, THEN the randoms happen, but if you stay off that path, guys pretty much know when they can play and when they have to put it aside for awhile. That tells me that it isn’t really about player welfare, but JMO.

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The NFL owners have been real smart on how they’ve handled this entire CBA approach.

They put it together just in time for FA. Where players will feel the pressure to get it done to free up money. All NFL free agents want this deal done so they can get paid. NFL teams aren’t negotiating much until they get a new CBA.

They stick in all kinds of incentives for the lower paid players. The majority all see benefits.

They put in drug related incentives.

Then throw in they want 17 games to increase revenue. Which they knew players would take issue with.

They’ve managed the media well along the way too. Most media and fans side with the owners.

Then just as the players are about the vote. They issue things like (see link below) this to scare the player into the deal.

A lot of vocal players coming out against it. They’re belly-aching about off-season practices as though they don’t want any at all. Sheesh. The addition of a 17th game does impact everyone for sure, but the addition of an extra wildcard weekend game is touted as more working for nothing. That 17th game is Cash Money for everyone, split 52/48. Players directly benefit from it.

That said, I do agree that they’ve missed out on the opportunity to work in an extra bye week to extend the season even longer and to reduce injury risk for players participating in Thursday games.

17 games + 1 bye = 18 weeks of broadcast revenue.
17 games + 2 byes = 19 weeks of broadcast revenue.

That extra Wildcard game doesn’t add another week, but it does add additional coverage. I guess the Wildcard round will then be 1, 4 and 8 pm games on Saturday and Sunday?