New England caught spying again?

Their videographer was caught in the press box at the Bengals-Browns game on December 8th, filming the bengals’ sideline. The Pats are claiming it was being done for a film that would show advance scouts at work. Yeah, I have a really hard time buying that. There’s too much history for me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Furthermore, why would you do this against the Bengals? That’s a huge risk to take against a team that had almost no shot at beating them. If they did it before playing the worst team in the league, then who else have they spied on?

I wondered when this story broke if they had done it before. Last time they got caught they lost a first round pick and 500K.

Hmm, I’d say the Bengals /Browns would be the least of their worries. Lol

Even the NE players try to cheat. Edelman fakes a concussion.

I saw that live. The spotter saw that and took him off the field. After the blue tent, they took him back to the lockerroom.