New Look Secondary Its not A Bad Look

CB’s Slay… Trufant… Oruwariye…Coleman…S… Duron …Walker …Harris

Thats a solid top Seven secondary before even draft or FA is done.

A Lot Better than 2019 an we do have some other depth players we picked up an some go playing time due to injuries last season.

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Agree completely. Question are we viewing Duron and Walker as FS types? If so I think we need another SS as Will Harris hasn’t proven anything yet. Man, I really miss Diggs. Hope we strike gold with that 5th round pick.

That looks real good better then I could of expected. Harmon and Trufant are great adds. We keep Slay this team took big step in my book.

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Slay will be dealt

Why does this need it’s own thread?
There’s already like 3 threads on Trufant and Slay and Huron

Who cares. If you don’t like it don’t respond.

We agree an fans need to remember Harris was a third rd pick an this D is different than most an it takes time to learn. He got as a rd 3 pick a lot more playing time as a starter or main backup an he will improve this season. I look at the major jump Walker made in 2019.

This doesn’t stop depending on how draft falls us adding another Safety . Right now I think we at the top CB with are first pick.

Here’s your live Iggy-cam:

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