New Trade Deal with China

According to FarmerTed, I’m not allowed to post from RT, but somehow I just don’t find the impeachment hoax or Shepard Smith’s butthurt all that interesting.


What’s a substantial partial agreement? Trump speak does give me a good laugh some times. Everything is HUGE.

I’m guessing China is bluffing so they can get soybeans. They are waiting for Trump to be impeached or not re-elected.

I too figured China would wait out the 2020 election. They may agree with me however that Trump is going to win.

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Really, both parties have their own languages…to say the same kind of bullshit. They’re masters of politispeak. Talking in circles and saying not a damn thing and claiming genius for having been the first to say it.

We put tariffs in place because China is stealing intellectual property, manipulating currency and a trade deficit. So you get China to the table and let’s say you cut a deal. Any deal China agrees to will have to have a removal of tariffs, so you remove the tariffs. What happens 5 or 10 years after that? China is already in violation of agreements by stealing intellectual property and manipulating currency. What’s going to be the teeth to this?

I don’t see a solution with China that corrects the problems that need to be corrected. They will do what they have to do to get tariffs removed then go right back to violating agreements. The solution has to be opening markets with allies to isolate China.

I mean it doesn’t make you a traitor for disseminating Russian state propaganda…but its not very American either…

It pretty much tells me everything I need to know about your views. That’s for sure.

Isn’t it amazing that the lefties in here can post from ANY anti Trump source on the internet and it is thought of as completely legit…yet there are ZERO sources someone from the right can post from. NONE.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

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Its hard to take you seriously when you say sources like Reuters aren’t legit, but then stand up for Russian state sponsored propaganda like Russia Today (RT)

We’ll have to agree to disagree but I never thought I’d see a day in America where we couldn’t agree on things like this.

I don’t know if you were talking to me…but you really think people take your bull shit seriously. Go look in the mirror if you want to find the source of the problems.

It’s all Russian propaganda to you if it doesn’t fit your narrative…and if it wasn’t Russia it would/will be quickly replaced by something else.

No, RT (Russia Today) is Russian propaganda when the Russian state itself owns and operates RT, they have to register as a foreign agent in the United States to run the station’s propaganda, and its used as an information weapon against the West.

Let me ask you: is that piece of information true? You are free to look it up, its public information. And if so, is that MY narrative or the correct narrative here? And if that is the correct narrative (which it obviously is) then, my friend, its you who needs to look in the mirror.

You are missing the point. It doesn’t “where” it comes from, if it doesn’t fit your view, it is worthless. RT could print “The Sky is Blue” and you would go kicking and screaming Russia Propaganda.

I’ve never been to RT, but I do know that a lot of articles that people link to are from news aggregates, so that doesn’t necessarily mean the people linking the article, actually go to the website.

Just like the “Epoch Times” you have asserted that I link to. The first time I EVER went to the epoch times was after you accused me of linking to it.

I think CNN and MSNBC make up anti Trump stories, but that doesn’t mean every single thing they report is fake news.

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You posted the Epoch Times in the other forum. News aggregates are as bad, or worse, than actual propaganda.

I don’t mind debating ideas, but the problem here is guys like you pointing to bullshit sources creating alternative narratives, you BUYING these alternative narratives, then accusing the rest of us of an alternative narrative. You are mind fucking yourselves.

I’ve been thinking a lot about when things “changed”. Let me tell you when things changed: when Fox News was born. Since Fox News has a captive Conservative audience we have literally witnessed them go completely off the rails. Fox News and other, worse, conservative outlets are the reason Trump is still in office. Now, guys like you may believe they are the actual truth, and that is your right, but its becoming increasingly clear that the line they’ve been feeding is BS.

You guys are fighting a battle with truth and you are on the wrong side of it. No wonder your opinions are so twisted and devoid of real knowledge. You’ve become a troll machine now fighting side by side with Russian propagandists.

The dangerous thing about propaganda is that there is always SOME truth to it. Its not always lies. Its lies mixed with truth to form a perception that is not factually based.

Your entire premise on Politics is based on left wing propaganda, you are the EXACT type of person they want out there spreading the fake news. Congrats.

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Its funny when someone spends every response in a thread talking about the source and not the information.

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Hey, don’t spread literal Russian propaganda. Surely, if its a VALID point you can simply post the point and we can debate. Or find a suitable link. Not spread Russian gov bullshit. We should ALL be able to agree on that, and if you don’t I question your motives as an American.



Yeah they, the MSM. You know where you get ALL your information. I don’t know what would be funny about that.

Not to jump into this fight but as it relates to this article it is no different than the Bloomberg version, msnbc version, Washington Post version… Some news stories just are what they are.

Who let this genie (China) out of the bottle, anyway?