New Trade Option

If you care more about putting fans in the seats instead of building a team, you have a recipe for failure. If you do not get a QB you are wasting the career of McCaffrey as he will be used up by the time you get a capable starter in there. Now if they really like one of the 2nd tier QB’s to build around, then I would agree with you.

If they want to get a shot at Tua, this is a way to do that.

Carolina isn’t trading McCaffrey, especially to move up a few spots in the draft. C’mon man!


McCaffrey is the number one offensive player in the league who is not a QB.

Dumping him while he is on a very affordable contract and giving up a top 7 pick just to move up to take a young quarterback?

The more I think about this idea the more how completely wack it is.


McCaffrey is about to get paid or will hold out this offseason. Almost every RB who signs a big deal over the last 10 years has proved to be something the team wants to move on from. Injuries are a huge risk at that position and the cap is not suited well for a highly paid RB, just ask Minnesota!

It isn’t moving up a few spots, it is getting the team in position to get a franchise level QB. Being in position to get a franchise QB is a rare occurrence outside of Cleveland.

McCaffrey does not have a leg to stand on , he is 3 years in on a 4 year deal , with the 5th year option being in play which with out a doubt will be exercised. He deserves a new contract but ultimately won’t get it unless Carolina wants to …his balls are in a vise .

He like all players has the right to withhold their services to get a new contract. He has already stated that he will hold out until he gets a long term contract. Every RB knows they are lucky to get one big contract and you only have so many carries in you. He is right to demand a contract this offseason and the choice for Carolina is do you sign him to what will be the highest contract for a RB in the NFL or do you look at the cap structure and feel the team would be better building behind a top QB? He would be looking for a 120m deal likely!

Like I said, if they actually see one of the 2nd tier guys as a franchise level QB they can get one and go that direction. If you want Tua or Herbert you have to offer something that Miami or SD can’t!

I don’t disagree and do not dispute that they have to offer something the others can’t …It does not make it smart to move a talent like McCaffrey that would be a rookie QB’s best friend …

McCaffrey has no leverage especially if they move on from Cam , Mc Caffrey can hold out all he wants and he would never play another snap in the NFL …He earns no credit to becoming a free agent if he does not play or show up . Deserving of a contract 100% …It does not change anything in regards to Carolina holding all the cards to the kids future … Once they exercise the option within the next 3 months he is under contract for two more years . This is not a Zeke situation Carolina is in rebuild mode and Mc Caffrey holding out would suck but likely not change the outcome of the season minus Cam

When you keep saying that they hold all of the cards, that is your problem. You said it yourself that without Cam and Keuchley, who do the fans have to watch? What if your team won’t pay your best player with no cap issues? McCaffrey would really have the fan base on his side as even fans realize that RB’s get one chance for a big contract and it is a very demanding position.

He has proven his worth and no agent that wants any future clients would suggest he play under his rookie deal. McCaffrey would be nuts to play in 2020 without getting the security of a long term deal.

What does Carolina do with him if he holds out? He is getting paid this offseason from Carolina or somewhere else! If you don’t pay him it tells every other player in that locker room that putting yourself on the line for that organization is not appreciated.

They hold all the cards , because they hold all the cards it’s not my problem it’s McCaffrey’s problem and yours that you seem to think Mc Caffrey has leverage …
You show me the long line of 1st round RB’s that secured new contracts after playing 3 years during the CBA that contains the 5th year option ??
They have money , they can pay him but they most certainly do not have to …They should but should has no merit …Fact Mc Caffrey can hold out but doing so keeps him in a holding pattern he gains nothing . Carolina is in complete control here . Mc Caffrey would be nuts not to play in 2020 , new contract or not…His base salary of nearly 3 Million & his 5th year option of over 10 Million is guaranteed for injury … Carolina is not trading Mc Caffrey to move up a couple spots to only shackle a rookie QB down with no talent at the RB spot…it’s not happening and never would.

Can Carolina make him play? No

That means they do not hold all of the cards.

He has stated he won’t play in 2020 without a new deal and he has all of he leverage needed to get it done. No offense, but you do not do negotiation for a living.

Can McCaffrey make Carolina pay him early …No .
Can Carolina sign another RB and start him …Yes .
Can Mc Caffrey go and play for anyone else ? No .
Can Mc Caffrey sit and rot the next 2 years while not earning a penny and still being locked into playing 2 more years for Carolina if he decides to actually play …Yes
Could they tag him for 3 more years after those 2 years if they desired …Yes
Can they fine him and cost him money everyday he does not show up to practice and play …Yes

Carolina holds all the cards …No offense, but if you think McCaffrey has leverage of (I wont play or show up) is somehow really leverage, when every player in the NFL holds the exact same supposed leverage …It in itself is not leverage, it’s normal and not something that adds weight . As far as Contract leverage he has none . The Panthers own him

Leverage comes with his ability as a player. All stars have that leverage. I will bet he is playing opening day with a new contract - that will be proof he has leverage!

That is moving the goal posts rather than admitting he had no leverage …:thinking:

Leverage is an advantage you can use , if every player ever could refuse to play , which is the case it is not leverage .

Talent is leverage against his peers or replacement but has no relevance to Carolina having to give him anything… he is under contract .

You want to bet he will be playing with a new contract you would have to find someone that disagrees with you first . They will pay him because he deserves it not because they have to , and they will pay him to be a Panther which is worth so much more than moving up 4 spots in the draft for potential.
All the proof you need is exactly right but it will be the new Contract and being a Panther and not trading him that shows why he was never being traded.

You are stuck on LEGAL leverage and not how a negotiator or the owner will look at this situation.

If he has no leverage it is very clear he will not have a new contract in 2020. Why would anyone pay him if they don’t have to?

He has the leverage to get a deal. The owner will want to have something for the fans to come see or use him to get something else for the fans to come and see!

I’m not stuck on anything …he has no leverage . Negotiations in good faith for a Job well done or because it is deserving , is good business… not leverage . Why pay him now, because he will have leverage 2 years from now and treat him wrong now that goal of signing him becomes much harder. Again good business now is not leverage .

If he has a new contract in 2020, it shows quite a bit of leverage. Risking signing a guy to a monster 5 yr contract means if he gets hurt this year there is a whole lot of cap and money at risk.

If it is good business, it means he has leverage. You are simply not a negotiator.

You have no idea, visit the OTT. We need a traffic signal for the goalposts!

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Yeah again no …McCaffrey has no leverage.
Not knowing , you are not able distinguish the difference between leverage & reward , good business practices & something having a mutual benefit etc… is so much worse than, knowing you cant distinguish the differences… you fall in to latter unfortunately. Negotiations has zero relevance here …The team 100% will have a RB in 2020 that will rush the ball for them …Mc Caffrey can only rush the ball for Carolina he has no say … He is in the same boat as Slay was last season …play for us at the contract price or don’t play at all …If Carolina were to choose this route Mc Caffrey could do nothing about it.

The only team that holds all the Cards is Arizona!


I would suggest to let your realtor do all of the negotiating. Have a nice day.

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