New Year's resolution: Cut the Snacks?

Detroit News Lions beat writer Justin Rogers, in a recent mailbag, brings up a good point:

Speaking of disappointing seasons, the Lions have a tough decision to make with Damon Harrison after extending him last offseason. At his best, he’s one of the league’s most-dominant interior players, but after taking off the offseason program to net his extension, he was never able to reach that level this year.

Is it worth an $11.75 million cap hit to see if Harrison can reach that level again, at the age of 31, or do you take the nearly $7 million in cap space by cutting him?

It’s rather risky to pay almost $12 million to see if Harrison is going to bounce back to his 2018 form, at age 31. In fact, wouldn’t the safer bet be against that?

Seeing it laid out like this, it makes me think Harrison is likely a goner. And with the thought being that the Lions will be moving on from A’Shawn Robinson and Mike Daniels too, boy, where does that leave DT? You certainly can’t rely on Hand at this point until he proves he can stay healthy.

If you’re wondering where the Lions will be spending all that money they’ve amassed, I’ve got a hunch that a couple of DTs are going to be needed.

Yeah I agree. Definitely a tough call. What happened to him, he looked so great in 2018, I thought it was really going to pan out for us.

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Trade back, get Brown. Trade newly acquired 2nd rounder (from trade), in conjunction w/our own 2nd rounder to get back up to early 20s to draft Gross-Matos.

Gross-Matos, Brown, Robinson, & Flowers up front.
Cheaper because 2 rookie contracts, as well as more impact.
Spend cap space on re-upping Golliday (maybe Jones), and hopefully bring in talent and depth at LB, DB, OL, RB

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The Lions D-Line sucked with these guys is it really a dire situation if we get rid of them?


I’m having nightmares of Sylvester Williams 2018 And Darby 2008 and telling myself it will be okay.

Snacks and Slay are our two most talented defenders, or at least 2 of 3, and there are bullets flying everywhere that we are trading or cutting both and taking dead cap to do it.

Create holes, burn cash and sign inferior guys instead for the same money net cap hits.


you fix this defense by trashing this dogshit scheme, getting a better second Cornerback and a starting safety in addition to a true rush end plus a penetrating defensive tackle. Then you move Davis outside. they have enough draft Capital to do all that and cap space, and to extend Golladay. But that’s about it. maybe they can add a running back veteran as well, because they need it. In the end you really looking at replacing four starters and better using the assets already have. Totally doable, but it all doesn’t matter if you don’t trash the dipshitz scheme


I think a DC will be the biggest thing we could upgrade (hopefully that would include ditching the 3 man pressure scheme). I like upgrading the DBs, but would prefer to beef up the DL first. I think prioritizing those dudes really helps the back 7 get a lot better by default. Also, hell yes to moving Davis to the outside.

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DT’s often decline when they Hit 30. Usually due to injury. I’m not surprised that Snacks declined. Usually when this happens it’s time to move on.

The Lions will be overhauling their DL this offseason as A’Shawn will likely exit via FA.


I would argue that we have had better talent on D than Caldwell ever had and Austin had them playing in a scheme where they could be successful. What I see from Patricia is allowing the scheme to be the tail that is wagging the dog. Most teams make adjustments at halftime, hell we didn’t make changes all season.