Next 10+ win season?

When do you think the Lions will realistically win 10+ games again?

I know this seems like a weird question compared to when will they make the playoffs again. But in 100% honesty making the playoffs with 9 wins or squeaking in with 8 wins somehow has very little appeal to me if it means the team is going to lose early in the postseason.

If you win 10+ games you are probably good enough to make an actual run at it in the postseason.

Just asking your personal opinion on how soon you think the Lions can actually be a 10+ win team?


Welcome aboard and that post is a thinker. I can’t see it the way this team is being structured. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But what do I know…

As soon as we hire a competent GM and head coach that implement their own system with their own QB.

As much as people want to think Quinntricia have changed the schemes here, you have to realize that 4 years into Quinn, we went from Stafford, Calvin, Marvin and Tate as our primary offensive weapons, to Stafford, Kenny, Marvin and Danny A. No upgrade at all and our TE and Line are worse.

The defensive side is worse in every aspect, so that’s not worth breaking down.

We need a legit talent evaluator and a coach with a track record of knowing WTF he is doing. He will then pick his coordinator and they will collaborate to grab their next franchise QB. Until then, we will be in purgatory, like we have been for the past quarter century.

I am new to the board. I didn’t really intend to enter the board as a frustrated fan and be negative, and I really don’t know the culture of the board overall yet.

I live in California but I am not a fan of any California teams. I have inexplicably been drawn to being a Lions fan for the last 15 years. I am frustrated. Hey I don’t pretend for one second that my 15 years of frustration even remotely compares to others who have been frustrated for much longer.

But I am of the opinion that there will be no significant change in having endless consecutive seasons of frustration unless some very, very big things change.

It just sucks to have no confidence in the GM and head coach. It sucks to have no real excitement for the upcoming draft because the Lions, as they sit, cannot be solved by this draft.

I find myself stuck between:
1). trying to artificially pretend this is just a slow process and that I just need more faith and patience, and
2). Just hoping everybody gets fired and they start over

I apologize for the negativity. I really do. I guess I want others to tell me I am rational in my concerns overall or tell me what I am missing and why I should be more optimistic.


If Quinn has a good draft, I’m guessing it will bear fruit in 2021. I’m not optimistic about 10 wins in 2020–more like 7-9 at the low end, 8-8 being the median, and 9-7 at the top end.

All good. I think your takes are fine and sensible.

Last year, there was real reason to think we could at least contend for a wild card spot. Then we won 3 games and the roster is weaker than ever.

This coming season is going to be a blip on the radar. It will go down as another season to forget. UNLESS! We draft a real difference maker like Young or Tua that we can build around and have hope for the future. Neither will make this team a playoff contender in 2020, but they could bring hope for the future of the franchise.

Honestly, who on this roster do we have that we can honestly say we can build around or could be a centerpiece to this team in 5 years? Stafford at 50? Nope, Kenny at 30+? Nah. That’s it? Everyone else is either old or mediocre. I want a young elite player or 2.

They list the Lions at 6.5 as over/under. I think we can do slightly better. Maybe 8 doubtful for 9.

I believe it could happen next year, but absolutely everything would have to be in alignment.

Don’t take this as any sort of endorsement of the current regime, Patricia most especially. It’s just that with the way that parity is built into the league, all but the very worst teams have a core of players capable of 6-10 wins. It takes a core of ineptitude and dysfunction to be significantly worse than that from a talent standpoint, and I don’t think that the Lions are there.

From there, everything else is based on coaching, aging/injuries, and just plain luck. In any given year, I don’t believe that there’s necessarily a world of difference between a 7 win team and a 9 win team. In 2019, the Lions were on the shit end of the stick with all of those, and they were starting with a below-average roster.

If everything went perfectly, this team could squeak out 10 wins. But it would take the kind of “everything falling into place” type of situation that got Carolina their 15-win season sandwiched between two losing seasons.

I think the odds are a lot closer to the 6-7 wins predicted by Vegas. I see no hope for getting out of that rut until we close the book on the Patricia chapter of Lions history.

Don’t sweat it. I’m willing to believe the majority of us are in the same boat. We argue mostly about how we should get out of this yearly debacle. We’re all lionized in some way.

I’ll take the playoffs at 8-8 any day …This Lions team has showed it can play and win vs any team on any given Sunday …You need to get in first …

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It will happen in 2020. It’s Lions fan luck, because it’s likely the games will be played in empty stadiums, and the Lions will go on a playoff run without any one of us seeing a game from the stands.


You mean the offense was good enough to hang with any team, until the defense gave up the win at end to lose 13 times.

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It’s the NFL…some team always comes out of nowhere and improves from the previous season.

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When have the Lions shown that? This post is pure delusion.

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The 13-3 Packers lead for 0 seconds in both the games against the Lions, combined!! They played them tough, played KC tough, killed themselves with turnovers. They’ve shown the a ability, but they’re the Lions in the end.

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They did play tuff the first 5 games, but the defense was so bad it broke there heart and some injury’s and trading a starter in the middle of the division race. These are all reason we were a 3 win team and the same ole Lions.

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It’s delusion …With Stafford and this GM and this Coach we beat the Packers with Aaron , NE with Brady , Carolina with Cam , took KC with Mahomes to the final seconds should have won , Philly in Philly with Wentz … …Any given Sunday

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In 2045 when they make the season 35 games .


Playing teams tough in September is a losers mentality. The season was over before Halloween again. That doesn’t happen to good teams.

You say the Lions show they can play and win vs any team, yet they also showed 2 years in a row that they cannot beat a rookie QB making his debut on a garbage team.

The NFL is set up so that every team should compete week in and week out. Bottom line, we won 9 of 32 games the last 2 years. We aren’t winning 10 in a season for the foreseeable future until there is a legit regime change.

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Where does the season change to 17 games? That might be the answer. On the other hand I can see the Lions going on a run this season, with a little luck. I know that I see last season differently then many and do not think that the team is anywhere as bad as some people think. IMO the Lions could easily be looking at a 10 win season this year.