Next Gen Stats: Stafford vs LAC

I’m not being dishonest. I am keeping you honest. Big difference.

Thank you for posting that.

I don’t see where I said “he can’t operate under center”.

I think he had trouble because it was unfamiliar (thus 'lost") He was so used to being in shotgun. Had someone asked, I might have said we needed to continue with him under center until either the light goes on or we prove he can’t.

I’m in the minortiy in thinking that Lombardi was actually doing good things for him and Cooter was a fraud for coming in the 2nd half of 2015 when the schedule was easy. I think that was a disaster for Stafford, actually. Cooter coddled him. Right back to the “comfortable plays”. Short term good, long term bad.

Do you dispute that he did worse in the two years where we went under center more? Seems like those ARE the facts. I think there may be other contributing causes, but unfamiliarity is not an unreasonable factor to consider.

I think a big part of Lombardi’s failure was switching to zone blocking with an Oline that was built for man. They couldn’t make that transition.

So that dead offense wasn’t entirerly Staffords fault. But AD does have a point in that Matt did look lost that year under center. It couldn’t be that he needed more time to be comfortable and digest fhat scheme.

But it wasn’t just him. The entire offense looked lost that year. And how Lions is that? The one year we have a top three defense, we force an offensive scheme on us that doesn’t fit our personell - which ultimately kills the season

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Talent has never been a question with Stafford. He can zip the ball into tight windows, can throw from any platform etc. Not many guys can do that. The problem is he can’t get it done when it matters and there’s always some excuse why.

Leadership/grit is what separates someone like a Dak Prescott from Stafford. Prescott has a major chip on his shoulder Stafford has been coddled his entire life. One guy is a junk yard dog the other has been told he has been great his whole life. Probably why Dak rises to the occasion and Stafford fails to.

QB is so much more than just talent. The majority of you will never understand.

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LOL. So true.

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Yeah, keep doing your thing from a betting and analytics standpoint. I’m definitely going to disagree with you from an actual football standpoint.


Cool. Boomer Esiason must’ve been talking about betting and analytics when he said that Stafford “needs to be less of a locker room lawyer, and more of a locker room leader”. There’s a reason why he hasn’t won anything in college or the pros… he doesn’t have “it”.

I’ve had similar thoughts. And certainly Stafford has seemed a little complacent as a leader in the past. But I’m hoping he’s starting to get it and is starting to realize time is real, and opportunities fade and he needs to step up now or he will always be knows as a yardage machine who could never win a big game

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Matt Stafford would beat Jesus by at least 6 strokes, in a golf match. Guaranteed!

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People have very short memories Bigs. The last 4 minutes here are classic toughness and grit of Stafford on display. We are very fortunate we have had him on the team for 10 years.

“On November 22nd, 2009, Rookie QB Matthew Stafford came back from a 24-3 deficit to defeat the Cleveland Browns 38-37. Not only did he lead the comeback, but he threw a game-winning touchdown with 0 seconds on the clock with a seriously injured shoulder. This game goes down in history as Matthew Stafford’s breakout into the NFL.”


Only because Jesus is too damn nice and let’s people win

So you are ready to go toe to toe on an actual football discussion? Hiding behind someone in the media is not the same thing.

Whatever, dude! Matt could beat him, even if he tried his hardest. Jesus knows the force too (he even walked on water). Massive advantage in sand traps and water. Matt would beat him on guts and grit!

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Love it.
Completely agree.

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Yeah, but I also remember the pick 6 earlier in the game that got us in the hole…

LOL…like a nagging wife.

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I didn’t forget and that was a lot of fun to watch. But I don’t think beating Cleveland when they were one of the worst teams in the league qualifies as a big game. I’m talking about a playoff game. Or a late season decisive win against another playoff contender that elevates us to a legitimacy

Or even going into November with the division in reach and laying a smack down on another division contender on a nationally televised game

Those are big games. Statement games. Games that create legacy. Not a last minute throw nearly a decade ago against a terrible Browns team

That’s it. You’re sleeping on the couch.

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Won the shootout against Brady Quinn…

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