Next year’s 1rst being traded probability

If the coach has to light it up or the GM, why not use all of next years draft? Screw the next coach.

Unlikely - Keep in mind the owner signs off on trades.

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She does?

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Martha has to sign off on all trades , Rod Wood certainly would as well …if he is truly a lame duck GM he would not have the okay to trade away the future . Even in New England Kraft has the final say and must sign off on trades

I could see Rod Wood having to sign off but Martha?.. I doubt she would really care.

I don’t think it’s a matter of caring… more just the ink on the paper the logistics , the okay …She would sign what ever Rod Wood wanted as long as Rod Wood was on solid ground.

Martha and the kids meet with BQ and MP multiple times and week to discuss the team and it’s direction. Contrary to fan belief they are heavily involved.


I wonder how long the meetings last? Martha is 94 years old. Patricia talks really fast so i wonder if she can grasp everything. Does she sign off on everything?

I think the Ford Family does yes. As far as I know all owners do.

This could explain why Matt Patricia was late to his own team meetings lol!