NFL coach of the year (darkhorse)

I realize that guys like LeFleur, Shanahan, Harbaugh and a few others will be considered for NFL coach of the year.

However, I’m not so sure that any of them have done a more impressive job than Brian Flores in Miami. That franchise was openly tanking and getting rid of any and all of their talent prior to the season and early in the season. They were actually trying to lose as many games as possible and Flores kept that team together and somehow won FIVE NFL games with them, including beating the Patriots in week 17. That’s pretty damn impressive to me.

Here in Detroit, we had WAY more talent to work with than Flores did, and we were actually trying to win as many games and possible and came up with a whopping 3 wins, while beating virtually nobody good.

Miami did get rolled several times this year, and I realize he has no chance to win it based on their record alone, but I’m not sure Belichick or Carroll or Payton could get more than 5 wins with that roster. Patricia probably goes 0-16. Anyway, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

They traded away a lot of their high priced, and talented guys. But they have a lot of guys on that team that have some talent and they have a lot of draft picks coming up that they are only going to get better. if they turn into a playoff team next year, I could see him being a COTY.

While beating the Patriots was impressive, they still got killed in a lot of games. It is kind of weird that Belichick got beat for the second year in a row to a terrible team led by one of his former defensive coaches. Watch out for the Titans next week (albeit Vrabel was only a player under the Emperor).

But I can’t imagine that COTY wouldn’t be Shanahan. Maybe Harbaugh.

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True, they do have some upside, but looking up and down Miami’s roster this year, I realistically think they had 0-16 potential. That roster is ugly. Even when the Lions went 0-16, there were still some talent in spots. You’re right, they did get hammered in several games this year, but winning 5 games with that team seems almost impossible.

Makes no sense to me. They are openly tanking and trying to lose and trip over 5 wins? Lions had wins over Packers twice, and the Patriots last year. How did you speak of our coach then?

If they draft well, Miami has some upside, for sure. I feel the same about our guys though. I don’t feel like we are far off at all. Playing as close as we did with the practice squad players we fielded this year. Replace Sir-Picks-A-Lot with Stafford, and even have reasonable health on the DL and we win 9 this year, IMO. Not a stretch at all to see where the Lions could have similar or better upside.

We were tanking like a MFr, this year.

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The Dolphins front office was full blown tanking from the start. They were giving away any and all assets. It was being reported as if they should be disciplined by the league for not even attempting to field a completive team. The head coach still had a job to do and still got that busted roster to 5 victories. I think that is pretty impressive.

Lions beat the Pats last year. Beating a terrible GB team twice doesn’t matter to me. GB was awful last year. Under Patricia, we have 2 wins vs teams with a winning record and 1 of those was this year against half a Philly team that ended up with 9 wins in the worst division in football.

We were absolutely not tanking until after Thanksgiving. That’s just not true at all. I don’t think we were even remotely considering tanking until after Martha’s dumb ass decided to announce that she was rewarding Quinntricia for being dumpster fires. Even then, we were still trying to win, and even ran some trick play yesterday. We were not tanking. We only sold off Diggs for nothing. Miami had a fire sale. Not even remotely similar.

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I dunno about harbaugh. what is their record w/o the qb? (could be said of anyone)

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I think QB is precisely why Harbaugh deserves coach of the year. He displayed great flexibility on offense which allowed Lamar to truly be himself. I think Harbaugh clearly deserves coach of the year.

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is that counting the wins against KC and GB that the refs scooped up? :wink:
Some believe Matt is seriously injured. I feel like if we were playing meaningful games, half of our IR would have played.

How do you know?

I’m not taking anything away form Miami, just stating that there may be a different reality in Detroit. My opinions are not facts, and I’m wrong a lot. All I’m saying is, I won’t be surprised in the slightest if we dominate the division, win 11 games, and get a home playoff game next year.

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The Lions winning 11 games next would literally be the most surprising thing a team I’ve rooted for ever accomplishing

That includes the 2011 Dallas Mavericks winning a championship

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Wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions won the division… LOL.

Wait, what? You wouldn’t be surprised if we did something we haven’t done in over a quarter century? We have had more talent here and not accomplished that. Going into this season I thought our roster warranted around 7 wins with a ceiling of 9 if we hit the lottery with calls and injuries and whatnot. We got 3.

I think next year will have even more question marks, unless Quinn does something unLionslike and somehow adds a few more draft picks and hits on every FA signing. I see no way Slay plays here next year, Stafford and KJ will have huge question marks going into the season. Snacks may not be here, and if he is, will be a year older (fatter). GG may be gone. We still have no depth or great talent at RB. No back up QB still. No good LBs and holes on the D Line. Need at least 1 or 2 starting CBs and a starting S or 2. I mean, I guess I don’t see what you are seeing.

I can see where if Stafford had played in all of our games, we would have won at least 7, maybe 8 this year. Factor in the 2 games the refs took from us, and that has us at 9-ish wins, this year. Factor in how close the rest of the losses were, and to me, it doesn’t take much imagination to see where some help on D and we could pump that win total up another game or three.

Couple that with next year’s strength of schedule, and a declining Rodgers.

I see it as very possible, if not likely

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Ahhh…some more of that “Dallas is gonna win the SB”-style arrogance! Gotta love the facts you bring to the table!
I should have checked in with you before posting to see if I was on point or not :wink:

Keep on Igg’n

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Dallas has nothing to do with this post. Kind of a bizarre thing to say. Almost as bizarre as saying the Lions winning the division, for the first time since 93 wouldn’t be surprising.

Correct. I feel the past has nothing to do with what is going on now. Were KC fans surprised when their team went to the Conference Championship? Maybe? Are Baltimore fans surprised at their success? Maybe?
Past does not equal future.

That is how it works, man. Nothing wrong with that. You could be right on a lot of those points. The truth usually ends up somewhere in the middle.

Was that a post about Dallas, or was that a comment about your arrogant posting style? Is it bizarre and you are befuddled by it, or are you deflecting and projecting even more of the same posting style? Are you embodying the essence of what I posted within the response?

Keep on Igg’n, Iggz!

Honestly, if you believe that MP hasn’t lost the locker room. If you believe in BQ and what he is trying to do. If you believe the number 1 issue with this year was injuries specifically to DT and then Stafford are the main reason we didn’t go 9-6-1. If you believe BQ will add quality FA’s and draft picks and players like TJ will break our next year…then 11 wins next year isn’t that crazy a thought especially given the schedule. I do believe all those things. So I do expect a big jump next year. I’d rather be positive then bitching about ownership and calling Martha names and referencing MP weight for the next 255 days and how this team is going to suck. Staying off here would also probably help that positive mindset too.:joy: but it’s the only place to talk our favorite addiction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t go this far. For the close games argument, that doesn’t fly. We won 3 games. I am certain that in all 3 wins, Arizona, Philly and the Chargers all thought they should have beaten us.

We didn’t get robbed against KC. Our QB and RB coughed the ball up twice inside the Chiefs 10 yard line with bonehead turnovers.

Our strength of schedule this year was pretty weak overall and we still only won 3 games.

I guess what seems to be missed every year is that we enter the offseason expecting to get extremely better thru the draft and free agency, but forget the fact that the other 31 teams also get to draft players and sign free agents. Every team we play next year will be trying to add talent in the offseason as well. Just look at last offseason. We added James, Flowers, Coleman, Daniels, Amendola, CJ Anderson amongst others in free agency. Then drafted another handful of players and our roster now has more holes than it did this time last year and we may not even have Slay, Snacks or Glasgow next year. Yikes.

You may be dead-on. Good lawwwd, I hope not.

Put me down for 10-11 wins, for next year!


12th hardest strength of schedule at the end of the season. But i don’t find that to be a great predictor of anything since you don’t know if you will have 2 teams in your division win 10+ games or if your division will have all teams be .500 or less.