NFL Draft moves

If I were the Lions brass I would look at potential trade downs on our 1st round pick. There is a lot of depth in this draft and the Lions should be able to get an impact player and another 2nd round pick if they move about 10 positions or less down. Guys like A.J. Epenesa, YETUR GROSS-MATOS, even Derrick Borwn may be available at about 15. Then in the 2nd round (2 picks) there will be good value with guys like Raekwon Davis, NEVILLE GALLIMORE, J.K. Dobbins, Curtis Weaver, and more. This is how you build a team, a lot of the guys picked in the 2nd round will have better careers than the flashy top 5 picks.


If this team passes on Chase Young DE for more picks I’m going to lose my shit …
If this team passes on Jeff Okudah CB the same will apply …you do not pass on Blue Chip Talent for for picks when as a GM and as a Coach you are fighting for your job in 2020
I want this team to go for it , spend this off season , go all in , mortgage the future for a 3 year run . Get Martha the ring and me as well and worry about the future later .


This team will have no shot at Young unless they give up the farm, or he gets injured in his bowl game.
He’s not even someone I’m considering. If he’s still on the board at 5, I definitely would take him, but, he won’t be.

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Well, the players the Lions have gotten in the top five that I can recall are Stafford, CJ, Suh, and Barry Sanders (and Chuck Rogers sigh). The chances of getting a true difference maker inside the top 5 goes up exponentially.

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I thought I really liked Okudah. You’re making me wanna re-visit the film on him given your love for Greedy Williams last year.

Jk we are all entitled to a mulligan.

If the Lions lose out, they won’t be at 5, they will be at 2, 3, or 4. I think 2 or 3 would give us a shot at Young, unless the Giants land in front of us.

Even at 4, I could see a scenario like this…

  1. Borrow (Bengals)
  2. Thomas (Redskins)
  3. Dolphins (Tua)
  4. Lions (Young)

I think anyone taking Tua is taking a huge risk, but the Dolphins might be just desperate enough to take that chance.

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Agreed. Wondering if there may be a trade-down/trade back up scenario, where we can get both of 'em?

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what do we fork up to move down and then back up?

That awesome 5th round pick we traded for. Can’t wait to see how that 5th round pick is going to end up being that missing piece we needed to get us to the Super Bowl.

I’m not sure what’s possible. What did we pick up, by trading down? extra 2nd? 3rd?

So maybe that pick, plus our own, to move into mid-late first round?
When is Gross-Matos projected to get drafted?

Project in the early 20s.

Sounds like there’s a possibility of it working. Trade #5 in 2nd round, plus #5 in the third round to get into mid 20s in the first? is that ball-park compensation for an early 20s first round pick?

Actually yes they are. #5 in the 2nd is worth 530. #5 in the 3rd is 245 points. The number 22 OA is worth 780.

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Let’s do it! Go Brown at #8 or 10 overall, trade back up to get Gross-Matos @ 22

This would make missing out on Young very bearable. Having these two would be great. I love how Brown and Matos play. The pocket will start to look like a W instead of a U. lol

To make the trade to 8 would take ATLs 1st (#8) and their 2nd(#59) The ponts much upi very close. Take our #37 and #67 to trade up to 22OA with Miami. Its very possible.


Diggs was going to get us to a Super Bowl?

Not a chance, he has too many “limitattions”!


Trade down?
You think Quinn is going to pick anyone that will be a difference maker outside of the top 7? He’ll probably pick the top TE so he can roll out that vaunted double TE offense.

5th round pick > Diggs

To many on this board

You set the standard of the 5th round pick leading the team to the Super Bowl. So I was just wondering what the baseline was. I have to assume Diggs = Lions Super Bowl, since that was the standard that was laid out.