NFL Draft Power Rankings

Tankathon puts together a list of teams who have the best draft capital and then ranks them. The Lions have the 3rd best draft capital of any team. Here’s the chart. I thought it might interest some of you.

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This can help you to understand who has the most capital to trade up. Or who might trade down because they need to acquire more draft capital.

Damn near mirrors the draft order.

Miami is so loaded. Even for 2021.

Not after they move up. haaaa

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I hope the Lions get a ransom from them if they trade up. There are a lot of QB needy teams.

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I think if anyone gets a ransom out of MIA it will be Cincy.

Call it a gut but I have a feeling we’re staying at 3. I hope I’m wrong unless Young falls in our lap.

Yea hate to say it, but I see us staying at 3. (Lions #3, Giants #4) are not QB needy teams. Miami could stay where they are and still get Tua Or Herbert. It all depends on which one they want if they move up or not with Washington. (and Washington needing a QB is anyones guess, except Snyder) The other teams needing QB, are teams in the middle of the pack. Indy, Jax, maybe Raiders etc.

I dont see the lions moving that far down to get a top tier player. They want a top tier player either way they go.