WOW The Lions let the entire RT side of OL go and try to replace it with a 5th round backup for more than their guys cost. Oh and then pay up big for 30 year old LB that can"t stay with a team.

What the hell are they doing?

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It’s BQ. He should’ve been fire last year. If we signed him to a year or 2 I would be ok with it. But not 5 for 50. Insane deal for a “CHANCE”.

Kinda feels like we’re going backwards talent wise doesn’t it?

I realize we’re very early in FA and we have the draft too but lately I just haven’t been all that excited with any of BQ’s moves.


Collins is absolutely not a step back talent wise. His Cleveland years have left him with a bit of a red flag but he’s always been supremely talented

It pretty much happens every year . Bob really has no clue how build a team. Hell it doesn’t even seem like he knows what kind of team he wants. He’s just all over the place. Let’s our good players walk or traded then replaces them with crap. He never really seems to have a plan to fill holes, he releases starters and creates more holes then signs a couple players still leaving huge holes in our roster. It’s the same thing every year. Bunch here like to follow the process , but if you pay attention you might realize there is no real process to begin with.

Collins is very talented sure but he’s also an older LBer who relies solely on his athleticism. I actually worry he will be more like he was for CLE than in NE. He’s always had effort concerns. Once paid By CLE he played mediocre. Then in a contract year he plays hard. He’s made it clear he doesn’t watch football, study game film etc because he doesn’t really like the game. (His words) I wouldn’t be shocked one bit if he turns out to be a terrible signing.

But … I’m talking in grand scheme. We’ve been going back words for years talent wise

Oh there’s a process Quinn uses in that pea sized brain of his only he knows what that is in it’s entirety, what there isn’t is progress.

His coverage ability suggests that he’s got instinct as well.

Dolphins looking like off-season champs at this point. Doesn’t usually translate, but man they are being aggressive. And, of course, they are competing with DET for defensive guys.

Dolphins land Kamu Grugier-Hill

Posted by Josh Alper on March 17, 2020, 2:53 PM EDT

Getty Images

The Dolphins have been one of the busiest teams during the free agent negotiating window that opened on Monday and they’ve come to an agreement with another player.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the team has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill. Grugier-Hill broke into the NFL with the Patriots while Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was on the New England staff.

They’ve also landed guard Ereck Flowers, linebacker Kyle Van Noy, cornerback Byron Jones, defensive lineman Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end Shaq Lawson and safety Clayton Fejedelem.

Fejedelem was a special teams standout for the Bengals and Grugier-Hill filled a similar role for the Eagles over the last four seasons. He also made 16 starts on defense over the last two years and leaves Philly with 98 tackles, a sack, an interception and two forced fumbles.

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Dolphins also just signed Jordan Howard, 2 years for 10 million. They’re definitely making a bunch of acquisitions

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Holy crap. Trae Waynes gets $20m in the first year of this deal?

We might be the only team that has gotten worse in the last 2 days. FML

Well we are jaded and don’t have faith that the organization can actually do anything. So until proven otherwise every signing or pick is going to be critiqued and questioned. The top FA will not come to Detroit unless it an overpay and/or they have a connection to the coaching staff.

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Which is why we need to stockpile draft picks, not let decent players walk away (Diggs, Glasgow, and coming soon, Slay), and hire a competent head coach and GM who are respected by more than just senile idiot Martha Ford.

The cynicism and negativity in this Den is nauseating…But based on history not entirely unfounded. Lack of confidence in Quinn and his moves are dissected hourly, often prematurely, with incomplete knowledge. Most recent example of signing Collins and then a day later releasing Kennard. Instead of letting the process play out, members go ballistic regarding Collins and question, “Why do the Lions need Collins when we already have Kennard?”… Wait a day, voila, Kennard released, waves calmed. Seems pretty apparent exchanging Kennard for Collins was the Plan all along.

Similar thing with Big V & Wagner, only in reverse. Lions released Wagner first, “Oh No!, Now the Lions have to draft a OT in the 1st Round”, wait a few hours, Big V signed for OT $$, highly likely Wagner’s replacement. Whether you agree or disagree with Quinn’s Plan is debateable. But to scream Quinn has No Plan, based on current facts, is false.

Lions have too many holes to fill with only FA. Draft time is 5 weeks away with the likelihood of drafting 3 Starters in the first 2 Rounds, assuming a small trade down. I have more confidence in Bevell than Quinntricia at this point, however. So far as FA moves to date, I come out a small net positive, more incremental. Lions still have to pay Golladay and sign another DT. Basically, treading water for the most part, IMO… Denmates need to realax a little bit more and let the process play itself out. Quinntricia KNOW they have a gun pointed at their heads by Martha - WIN or GO HOME !!


very good honest points sin2au an with all the QB moves an older quality moves could hurt trade down moves in draft.

The same ones will blame Lion Management for not getting a trade down an how did they let it happen .

I just ignore them an have heard all there cynicism an negativity.

There is a difference between criticism and bashing. It’s like some people are hating on the Lions pretty much all the time, to the point where sometimes this place just isn’t much fun any more. It isn’t constructive, it’s just bitching. Maybe we need a no-bashing thread or something. Maybe I need to quit The Den, at least for awhile.

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They goin home. This team was top 11-12 in cap room. You need impact players. Do you spend 10 mill for a back up swing tackle that can’t pass block, a few mill more for the best RT available, or roll with the guy under contract for another yr and see if he bounces back to the top 10 RT he’s been? …
… Do you go into free agency knowing you have squat at DT having lost Snacks, Ashawn, Daniels, and Kilgo all guys you brought in btw with DT being a top priority then proceed to waste cap on career back ups and 1 starter? … … …
You had enough holes and created more and with all that cap more than at least 20 teams, you have 1 30 yr old lber that is a true starter to show and still have the same holes at DT, CB, S, OG, RB . …
You swapped lbers dead cap, swapped RT dead cap but managed a back up QB that is an upgrade. Seems like poor cap management, poor decisions, and with Quinntricias track record yet another losing season dead ahead…
… I. see nowhere outside of Collins where we are better, and the same holes we had, we still have… … Yes, there is still time, but we’re wasting cap with next to nothing to show for it. We have gone from a 9-7 team to a 3-12-1 team and looks like we’re still getting worse…not bitching to bitch, I want to see moves that make sense. I don’t want to blow it up…but at this point it’s feeling inevitable

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Wise- you are a quality poster. I don’t post often because of how toxic this place can be at times, but I do appreciate your insight. Please stick around :slight_smile: