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Hooper to Browns in a record setting deal for TEs

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Who will the Lions go all in on? Gotta think they’re pushing hard on a couple of guys right now.

David johnson traded to texans

I think you should change the topic to : “LIONS SUPERBOWL KICKS OFF, KEEP IT HERE!” lol its all we got and nobody understands but us.

Ian Rapoport



The #Dolphins agree to terms with Ereck Flowers on a $30M deal over 3 years with $19.95M fully guaranteed. Ereck is coming home to Miami, per



Vikings extended Cousins for two years, thereby completing the Scott Mitchelling of their Superbowl hopes during their window of opportunity.


Another guard off the market in Flowers.


Another DL off the table.

$17M/year for Armstead, sheesh that’s big money.

Yea that’s just crazy. Never thought he would get that kind of money.


That’s nuts.

Teams are really holding on to their free agents. I wonder if we hear about a deal for Glasgow?

It seems possible that with all the unknowns created by the corona virus teams adopting a scarcity mindset?

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Full Hopkins/Johnson deal.

Whoa, Hopkins is a top 5 WR. Jeebers. I would be pissed if I was a Texans fan, albeit without looking very closely at their respective contracts. But… yikes.

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This is one of the worst trades I’ve ever seen, from the Texans perspective.


Terrible deal.
RBs like Johnson will last another 2 years give or take.
Hopkins is in his prime with lots of good years left.
Johnson is essentially a rental. Who knows if he’s even the same player.

And the Texans will roll with the oft injured Will Fuller and Kenny Stills?

Maybe the texans are going for one of the top wrs in this draft?