NFL is so rigged. Watch the Seahawks vs 49ers game

It is just so obvious, all of the calls going the 49ers way. Ball placement and everything. I seriously believe the NFL is rigged.

I can’t wait to see a critical situation and see where the flags fly. It may further prove it.

Then why keep watching it?


Because I am a sucker.

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You said it, not me! :wink:

I am coming closer and closer to not

That extra $4K a year might come in handy too


That’s a nice little nest egg to come gamble with, eh?

Totally :sunglasses:

Be there for 4 days right after Thanksgiving celebrating my wife’s birthday. Staying at MB. Taking her to Le Reve at the Wynn Saturday night

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Do you realize the quality of escort Adrian could find you in Vegas for that kind of money per year? Umm, no homo? Asking for a friend? Someone who isn’t me? Chit, I can’t find a way to backtrack that one. Abort, abort!


LMAO :joy:

No way my wife lets me go to LV without her. She did once when my buddy did a bachelor party long weekend in LV the week before he got married. It was very much like the first Hangover Movie and the wedding almost was called off after one of the guys caved under interrogation by his wife and spilled the beans about what went on :dizzy_face:

If one of your friends ever says “I think we should do the Bachelor Party in Vegas” tell him that it would be a very very bad idea

Le Reve is probably my favorite show in town, and I’ve seen a ton of them. They recently renovated the theatre and changed up some things, so that’s cool.

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Without having to abort my OWN post …

@wesleysh21is right. LOL. I’ll leave it at that.

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I think I could make do with one you could get me for $1000 and save the other $3K for Gambling :joy:

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72 Dolphins have Champagne on ice

Awesome game, Wilson is a freak this year.


Haha Then the interception after I say it!

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72 Dolphins put the Champagne back in the fridge

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That should be a 1st down

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72 Dolphins pulled the Champagne back out of the fridge

Lmao This one lived up to the hype.

72 Dolphins pulling the bottle of Champagne out of the bucket