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Yeah, we’ve identified the problem. If only we knew how to fix it!
It’ll come to me…


Here’s a clue;
Whether gas costs $2 per gallon or $4 per gallon, the amount collected for those two taxes remains the same. But you also pay the Michigan 6 per- cent sales tax. When gas is $3.89 per gallon, that amounts to another 21 cents per gallon in taxes.

After an income tax? So, there are 3 taxes on that same income. Actually, 4 when you add in the federal taxes.
What’s the point of an income tax? I mean, really?
How many times do we let them tax us?





“May have been”, or it could be any number of other things?
How much did the population increase?
How many came from states with strict cannabis laws?
How many would go back to the state they were homeless in before Colorado legalized weed if their home state legalized it?
No, let me guess. You’d rather pay to incarcerate those homeless for smoking weed?
You know who legalized weed hurts? Probation Officers, Prisons, Lawyers and the Judicial System!
So, which side is pro-big government? I’m so confused!
Just out of curiosity. Does anybody give a rats ass about the Constitution?


Im high AF…

Banana Kush.

I stole a military jet high on Durban Posion…hell ya!


Every so often the true nature of the denizens becomes apparent.


Let’s see, might there be a correlation between homelessness and the over prescription of opiods?


OK, reading through what has been the cause for the uptick, it appears that the price of housing is the main driver. Significant in all 3 places…


In a lot of states, but not federally.

Even legal things aren’t necessarily “acceptable”.


Yeah, but they’re mad because the price is dropped out. I live in Portland. I could walk to about 6-7 different pot shops. They’re as ubiquitous as 7-11s. $3 per gram. $40/ounce. These people thought they were going to be millionaires, but now it’s just another low paying job.

It’s pretty bizarre going into these places. 50+ different varieties all with flavor and THC/CBD profiles…


I’m more of a beer guy, though. What’s fun about pot if it’s totally legal?


Price of housing is affected most horribly by cities that overregulate the development of housing. They act like they care by demanding “low income housing” in order to get a deal, but the real solution is “more housing”. Even if you make more rich people housing, then the hand me downs go to the next level and then the poor get the worst hand me downs. But setting aside 2-3 units in every project does nothing. Literally nothing.

Regulations make it tough to build cheap, which is what you need to be able to do in order to service the poor end of the population.


Legality is no measure of morality!
Hitler legally murdered Jews.
Stalin and Mao legally murder millions of their own citizens.
Slavery was legal until 1865 in the U.S…
But, if you want to talk legal. Show me in the Constitution where the federal government is given the authority to ban substances based on morality?
Then I’ll show you the 9th and 10th Amendments, and a vote by the People of Michigan, Colorado, and several other states legalizing it!


Im not going to go into the politics of it, because irlts pointless and stupid.

But I’ll say that it absolutely 100% saved my life, and then on top of it gave me a life IN RETURN.

If someone wants to say its ruining society, or some other stupid WASP hyperbole, they’re just horribly ignorant. Period.


Commerce clause. As interpreted by : Souter, Kennedy, Ginsberg, Stevens and Breyer. And Scalia had a weird tapdance concurrence to cover his previous positions on the topic.

Thomas, Rhenquist and O’Connor dissented.

Gonzales v. Raich.


I’m not opposed to it.

I just prefer beer.

And I note that it’s not nearly as exciting without it being illegal. Hell, if you get it stolen from your shop, the cops will help try to recover it. How strange does that sound?


I don’t like beer, but I’d drink it if it meant not having a(nother) near death experience with a grand mal seizure.


Good for you, Adrian. Medical Marijuana literally saved my daughters life, too.


They can extract the chemical that stops seizures and administer it. But nobody will buy it without the THC…hmmmmm. You think maybe it’s just another way to get high. I do. It’s the same with the pain relief. I am glad it has those properties but I don’t think you have to get high to get the benefits. Can’t say I ever smoked it. I avoided all drugs and alcohol because I have epilepsy. Funny, my doctor never suggested I smoke dope to control my seizures but he said we could sever my corpus collosum if the seizures got bad enough.


They sell THC free pot here in Oregon. CBD, they call it. It does work on pain and does not get you high. And it’s not expensive. And you don’t have to smoke it if you “vape” it.


I got a little peak behind the scenes of a “medical” marijuana advocacy group last year that was making a massive investment in the industry. Turns out the major players in that endeavor have long been invested in the recreational marijuana industry for years, too. For as willing as I was to accept the medical claims, it was de-legitimized by the founders being retailers of roach clips, pipes and Ibepuffin Rx t-shirts.

I know there are folks who have benefited, especially those dealing with chemo.
I also know that alternatives to opioids need to be sought for pain management.
But at the end of the day, the killer app that drives the marijuana industry is simply getting high.