NFL Network analyst picks Lions to win division


I never needed to look into it. It was not illegal, then William Randall Hearst decided to wage a campaign against it, then it was illegal. Every study that said it was good was countered by a study that said it was bad. The law said it was illegal that’s all that mattered. Anybody arguing for it was already a dope smoking illegal, so I didn’t make it a priority. Then, the medical bs sprang up. So, when I started looking into that, it was noted the pain killing and seizure benefits could be extracted but nobody was going to buy that, the medical community used other substances. So, it then became again an excuse to get high. Opening up the discussion as a pain killer substitute for Opioids seems logical. But again, if the pain killer can be extracted their is little use for the nasty weed to be smoked.


Always has been.

However, if we’re going to allow one mild intoxicant (booze), we should allow another. A lot of the opponents of marijuna might just have the bed of their pickups full of empty Schlitz cans. I mean, so long as we’re looking at those opposed.

Besides, from what I understand, CBD only (no THC) pot sells pretty well. A LOT of people are not trying to get high, but pain relief. And it does work. And it’s not $37 + copay for a bottle.


Nobody’s “smoking” anymore. It’s all vape. It’s extracted with zero smell. Literally they could blow in your face, no smell. Pain killer can be extracted and put in pill form, but for a price. In essence, Big Pharm gets to be the dealer, not the pot shop on the corner. And prices will be jacked.


One of the lowest possible items on my “things to worry about” list, is people smoking pot. It ranks right down there with animal cookies packaged in a cardboard box depicted as circus cage.


Yeah, but when you walk down the street and about 12 people per block (reeking of the stuff) have their hands out asking for change, it gets to annoy you a bit.

It doesn’t smell as bad as patchouli but those often go together…

But the thing itself? Meh. Don’t care what people do.


Actually, they often smell like candy/fruit. Still nothing lost or anything to worry about there.


Pot vapes?


Yep. Its not quite as fruity as the nicotine vapes that are out there, but it’s still a sweet scent nonetheless.

Unless its Blue Dream. Then it always tastes and smells like balloons.


And what drives alcohol use?
As I’ve said, and is evident by the number who voted for it in Michigan. Being illegal didn’t stop anyone, including 12 year olds.
Weed is safer than alcohol.
Reefer Madness is propaganda. It’s silliness and the majority have rejected it. Of course, there are plenty of adults who fear the dark and the boogieman.


As somebody who sees both ends of the spectrum with people being totally wasted on The Strip, I wholeheartedly agree, and it’s not even close.


But yeah, how about that analyst going out on a limb, eh boys?! :rofl:


What drives alcohol use? Intoxication. For every person that likes a specific glass of wine or a specific beer with their meal, there are a hundred that just want to get drunk. I’d say that beyond the individual’s pursuit of intoxication, there is a social influence that drives them to drink, too. How many people do you see holding up a beer when getting their picture taken? Like, “look at me, I’m having a good time and the beer is proof”? But anyway, yeah, booze is for drunks and pot is for high-ons. Like booze, for every 100 high-ons, there’s a cancer patient that can keep her lunch down because she had access to medical marijuana.

Why are you having a reefer madness conversation? More to the point, why are you quoting me and then having it? I’m not into the reefer madness thing, but there are side-effects to both marijuana and alcohol consumption.

As far as “safer” goes, that’s debatable. If we’re talking about driving while stoned or driving while drunk, yeah, stoned is better. If we’re talking about a glass of wine with dinner a couple days per week vs a one-hitter a couple days a week, I’m going to lean in the direction of those couple of glasses of wine.


Yeah, he must be high on something…jk :wink:


Based on what, exactly?

FWIW: Two glasses of wine over one hour for a 175 lb. man puts you at nearly .06 BAC – a c*nt hair short of legally drunk.


LMAO. This is gold!


BTW, I do want to say thanks for keeping the off-topic stuff civil. Its the off-season, so I’m a bit more loathe to move anything unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

Thank you once again, regardless of where you stand on things.


“a glass of wine with dinner a couple of days a week”

The limited, occasional glass of wine has been proven to provide health benefits. Blood pressure, digestion and what-not.


Intoxicated, is intoxicated. I just don’t get why some feel the need to look down their nose at one substance, while accepting another that is clearly more dangerous when taken in excess?
Not to mention those who feel the need to regulate other’s lives, many of whom use the more dangerous (and addictive) drug?
Btw, having brain tumor, I’ve been stoned on several legal, but, well regulated drugs.
I’ve heard all the arguments from folks that enjoy a beverage or two to help them relax and wind down, that have a problem with those who prefer a little weed for the same purpose.
Drunks have always been with us, even during prohibition. So have stoners.
All things in moderation.
The reefer madness wasn’t directed at you necessarily, but, there does seem to be that mindset among those who are against legalized weed.
The fact is, people that want to party are going to party. You can not like it, but, history proves you can’t stop it.


It’ll be interesting to see how smash mouth football looks against division foes. Our D will kick their ass. I love KJ, as a versatile and well-rounded dude, but he is not AP or Lynch. He will look completely different in this O. He is a key piece, and we really need him to stay healthy. I’m still not completely sold that our O-line is up to snuff, and this is easily my biggest concern. If that unit does well, I could easily see us winning our division.

I have a feeling we are going to be freakin’ nasty on D, this year. Lots of turnovers created, and that’s going to help a ton. Full season in the system. Full season with Snacks. Flowers. Other upgrades in D-backfield, and possible upgrade in
Austin Bryant.


FWIW, this has been disputed lately.

And that’s coming from a serious wine lover LOL.