NFL Network analyst picks Lions to win division


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So many questions about this team this year, How good is Flowers going to be for them and how much better does he make everyone else when he soaks up most of the attention? What can Austin Bryant do in his rookie year, and Tavai? One would think Melvin is an upgrade outside at CB2 and Coleman is one of the NFL’s best as a nickle-back. So, this defense could pick-up right where they left off, and be even better IMHO.

There even more questions on Offense with the considerable upgrade at TE. What does the new OC Bevell do with these guys, even if Wiggins or Aboushi or even Dahl is the RG? What do they get from Marvin Jones and Amendola, and does Golladay up his game even a little bit? CJA for Blount is an obvious upgrade, and personally I think Zenner is better than many give him credit for. If he stays healthy, I can see KeJo having a good year and taken together, play action oughta be a problem for defenses.

And as usual for every team, injuries are gonna happen; who, how many, how serious, you never know. It’s a deeper team in some areas but not so deep in others and that’s pretty much the same story across the league. And what’s nice for me is that improvement for so many of the young guys they have is possible. Will Ragnow and Decker play better this year? Put a good blocking TE over there and let’s see what happens.


I absolutely agree. I’m way happier that all our backs are bigger (except Riddick). This was why we had to scheme to get them the ball in space, even if in the backfield. I’m not suggesting we didn’t do it by design, but we had to.

I feel much better with true run blocking and bigger backs than sneaking in draws and short dump passes behind the LOS.

I want the OL to hit, hit, and hit some more.


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Remember how when we got Rob Sims, Backus suddenly had the best year of his career, and maintained that level of play for as long as Sims was next to him? Not a coincidence. OL cohesion, IMO, is more important than that of any other. These dudes need to know what they can and can’t count on each other for. A weak link impacts the entire unit, but especially those who play directly next to the weak link.

I’m sure the TEs, system, upgraded RBs will help them. I just saw a massive hole last year. RG looks like a gaping black hole to me.


It may be factual, it may be cruel…


Yep. Ragnow going into his 2nd year is bigger than the press it’s getting…


Just found this on YouTube. Kids facts look good. Optimists view on Bevell offense.


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Kid did a nice job. Production, presentation, content. Good work. (Dose of Dion, that is)