NFL Network mocks Bosa to Detroit


I REALLY doubt this happens, but WOW.

I’ve said the only defensive prospect I really liked on the first was Sweat, but that was because I ruled out Bosa altogether.


That would be awesome. I don’t see it happening, but if it did? Wow. To have the best overall player in the draft fall to us would be just the kind of break this cursed franchise badly needs.


My thoughts exactly, BG.


While I am sure they can make a case for it, I see no way this happens. I sure hope I am wrong.


It’d be great, but I still don’t like Buckeyes.


Still want to swap back 2 to 4 posts if only 1 QB has been taken at that point.


With Bosa on the board?!?


I highly doubt he comes close to falling to #8, if he was there at say #6-7… Do you move up to get him?


Yeah, that would be hard to pass up.


No way in H E double toothpicks.


GMs don’t think like most people. Teams might get to know people and like other players better. Maybe the teams that talked to him thought he was an ass. Who knows, there’s a lot of reasons why some guys drop in the draft. But I would definitely say if he is there for the Lions, you gotta take him.


I don’t think like most people either.


There’s no way on planet Earth that’s happening.


Fanspeak suggests it isn’t so crazy. I’ve seen Bosa drop to 8. This would be an exciting thing to see on Draft Day.


Well this would be my #1 selection. (And early Christmas present)
But several at top that would be very appealing. Just say no to Greedy is all I say.