NFL redraft - Lions take Oliver. TJ goes undrafted

Well I do not put any stock into these redrafts but I thought it was interesting that this redraft had the Lions taking Oliver. A player many of us were pounding the table for.

Also equally interesting is TJ doesn’t go round one while two other TE’s do. Many of us argued the TJ was bad value at 8 and that the Lions could get Fant and Smith later at a far better value.

So far it appears that the fans were right on this one.


Man I wanted Oliver so bad last year. I remember Jacksonville was on the clock with Oliver and Allen available and I was pumped we were gonna get one of those two at 8 but really wanted Oliver. I watch the draft every year with my bud who is a long time Lions fan and it’s basically our Superbowl. Jacksonville takes Allen and I start going nuts saying I can’t believe we’re gonna get Ed Oliver. My bud says it’s the Lions dude they’ll take a TE.

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Loved Oliver as a prospect, not sure if he was a good fit for our system. If coaches thought he was a fit, just makes the Hock pick all that much worse.

And I was pounding the table for Knox in the 3rd round to get better value.

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I’d like to think if Allen fell one more slot, he would have been a Lion. Do I believe that.



What re-draft are you referring to?

It’s just not the same without Vince Lombardi’s Ghost insulting me for wanting Oliver “because he doesn’t fit the Lions’ defensive system.”

Then suspending me from the board when I give his insults back to him.

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Lol. Damn, I almost forgot about VLG. I will never forget how I made a simple statement in the preseason that with the addition of Bevell, upgrading the TE position and improving the red zone offense, Stafford has a real chance of eclipsing the 30TD mark. Then dude throws 19 in half a season…

VLG literally wrote “Now you listen to me! I went to open practice and you are wrong!! This offense is going to be ground and pound.”

I told him that NFL teams don’t really show you a lot in preseason games, let alone open practices to the public. I got suspended for a short while, till he got thru his monthly cycle. lol

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No, the fans were and are wrong on this one. A “redraft” by a bobblehead and that is proof of something?

Hockenson was the best TE in the draft and will likely be an impact player for the Lions for some time. There is nothing whatsoever that Hockenson showed in his rookie season for fans not to be excited for his development. Numbers are due to his injuries and not his play. Wait three years and grade the pick then when there is real information to go by.


Lol, you can’t be serious. Wait 3 years on a #8OA pick? Do you realize how crazy that sounds? What you just wrote is essentially admitting it was an awful pick. Top 10 picks need to be immediate impact players. Not 3 year development projects.

I’d love to bet you that TJH ends up more of a 5th round talent than a #8OA talent. The position alone just doesn’t warrant wasting a top pick on.

He had one outstanding game, in his first game, against a terrible team missing their entire secondary. Let’s slow the roll.

the whole thing is pointless, I hate threads like these because you can’t turn back time and draft Oliver instead. it is over, done with, and gone.

It’s not like we are saying the Lions should have drafted Tom Brady instead of Stockar McDougal with their first pick in 2000. This board and the other were chock full of people wanting to draft guys like Oliver and Bush over TJH. Hell, most of us didn’t want to take a TE in the first TWO Rounds. Guess what? We were right and Quinn was wrong again.

You have no idea if you are right or not! The only way you are correct is if Hock retires tomorrow.

A career is not made in a year, so when JR said wait 3 years I think he meant it may be more prudent to wait 3 years before we re-evaluate this draft.

Hock may never live up to #8OA but to pound your chest and say I am right…Quinn is wrong is way to premature

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There is no point talking to individuals who argue from such an emotional perspective. It’s like talking to a 5 year old.

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What are the chances Quinn is still here in 3 years?


BTP is right. When picking that high you need immediate impact. Taking Hockenson is not immediate impact. A similar move would be the Lions taking a CB at #3 this year. Hockenson, Tavai and Harris is about as bad as it gets for first 3 picks.

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I never said that they never had to be an impact player…I agree that they should but doing a redraft after one year is pointless especially when Hock missed so much time.

What if Hock leads the league on TDs next year while Oliver blows an Achilles in camp? Does that mean he is still the better option

Your boy Chucky and Supreme Lord Mayock took Ferrell and he had 24 total tackles and 4.5 sacks in 15 games…where is their criticism for not taking Oliver or Bush or insert name here.

Probably long gone, but not sure what that has to do with the trajectory of Hocks career!

GMs who make good picks have longer careers.

Agree fully…but does anything from here on out change where Hock was drafted? He was 8OA and needs to perform like it…but does that mean his career is complete and that he can’t end up better then Oliver?

So we already know what all these guys are after 1 season? Enough to give merit to a redraft? And Hock is the 3rd best TE now??
I’m saving this thread for somewhere around week 6-8 and we’ll see what the opinion is then.

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