NFL rule change proposal would radically alter the onside kick scenario

Almost every time they modify a rule, they mess the game up just a little bit more.
The world is headed the direction of helmets during volleyball…eventually, we’ll have to wear helmets during billiards and darts. :wink:

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I like the direction of the Philly proposal. I’m worried about how the refs could influence that, though. I can already see Green Bay not making the 15 yards, but there magically being a penalty with an automatic first down. Harder to do that with onside kicks.


I’m not advocating for the change, I personally think it’s a bad idea. But there’s no way they could give them a first down off penalty IMO… Maybe a 5 yard penalty, replay the down.

Yeah, no doubt about it.

I thought it was kind of interesting too, until I read you comments.

It would give the refs way too much ability to effect the outcome of the game.

I could see the Lions getting the 15 yards and then a late flag comes in for holding, 10 yards, now it’s 4th and 25.

I completely change my mind from, “oh, that might be kind of cool” to “No Effing Way!!”


Oh great, another way to make things easier. They’ve already cut practices to next to nothing and they’ve put skirts on the quarterbacks and some other things I can’t think of at the moment. (It’s late and I missed my nap.) In another few years we’ll be watching ‘The Participation Trophy Presentation’ show on ESPN.

I think moving the PAT back was a great rule change.


I would just call it a ‘retention play’ and make it 1 play starting at your own 25yl(as proposed) but make them get to the 50 to retain possession.

But, at the end of the day I like onside kicks better.

I still want the old arena football rule. Within 2 minutes of each half, the offense must make positive yardage to keep the clock running. No more kneel downs, victory formations and ramblings of Joe Buck for the last 40 seconds of an already decided game.

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I would propose three less refs on the field.
And why not having the teams with the three worst records all getting to decide which three ref’s will be fired (they could do it as part of the draft).

It’s a stupid proposal.

Is it any stupider than an onside kick? It’s so random, so different from anything else in the game, and so tedious with the rules (did the kick go far enough down the field, etc.)… other than the fact that “it’s the way it’s always been done,” there’s not really a good argument for the onside kick.

The new proposal of an actual football play deciding possession makes way more sense. If I had any confidence in the impartiality of the refs, I’d have no complaints and consider this a marked improvement.

Exactly. Bachtiari throws his head back, nobody touches him…up next… Hail Mary that never should have happened.

To be fair, most of these rule changes are theoretically helpful to the Lions and their fans. These rules aren’t just about injury, but keeping teams in the games longer and keeping as many games close as possible.

I still don’t think I like the onside kick change.

One rule I cannot stand is the offense fumbles the ball thru the end zone and the defense (who didn’t do jack squat, gets possession of the ball AND gets the ball at the 20 yard line. Such a god awful rule that needs to be addressed way before the onside kick.

I also think they should go with the college PI call. I am tired of the Favre, Rodgers bail out PI calls where they get a 60 yard gift on a ball they just threw up for grabs that had no chance of being caught. Give them the 15 yards and line it back up.

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It’s a stupid rule. If a team is down by two scores with less than a minute left, they should lose 99% of the time. The other team has been better throughout the game. The idea that 2-3 plays can overturn 59 minutes worth of football is a shortsighted one.


Here’s my proposal:
Instead of a regular 4th-and-15 play, you make it 4th-and-10 where the defense cannot be called for penalties other than personal fouls.
That way the offense doesn’t just play for a PI call every time, which is what we know they’ll do.
Make the offense earn it.