NFL State of the QB’s

Does anyone else think about how the NFL QB situation is in flux right now?

Brady is likely leaving NE.
Rivers is likely done in SD.
Eli retires after being pushed out of NY.
Newton is coming off a terrible year and rumors are floating Carolina could move on.
Flacco was pushed out of Bal.
Cincy will move on from Dalton.
Tannehill was pushed out of Miami then leads Ten deep into the playoffs and he might not be back.
Tampa could be moving on from Winston who is a FA.
Rogers looks about done.
Brees can’t play forever. Can he?
Stafford is coming off two season ending injuries.
Did I miss any?

With so many teams making QB changes and so many needing a QB you would think the Lions would have trade opportunities if Tua and Herbert are considered viable starters.

On top of that … rumors are floating that the Lions could trade Stafford and draft a QB. Personally I doubt it unless Staffords back outlook is poor. But I can’t help but think that QB’s will be in high demand over the next few seasons. More so than in recent years that is.

I just have to wonder how all these QB situations will effect this draft.

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Couple things…

If Stafford’s back outlook is poor, he will be untradeable.

I know this team has a lot of holes, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but it’s getting close to being the time to take a look at the future at the QB position. Maybe we wait 1 more year, but that is about it.

The Lions are quite unique that unlike teams with Hall of Fame caliber QBs, they never have addressed or invested in the back up QB position. Even the Pats have used numerous higher draft picks than the Lions, and they had the GOAT.

I would be ok waiting till next year to try and draft our QB for the next 10+ years, but Quinn better damn well sign a legit viable backup QB for this upcoming season, or we will be once again, one hit/slip/misstep away from throwing yet another season away.

I don’t think so … think of this.

100% pure speculation here.

Let’s say team doctors think Stafford has a few good years left in him but the back injuries will likely result in more injuries and his career coming to an end in 2-4 years.

Enter a playoff caliber team like SD, NE or TEN for an example. They realize they have a small window and need a veteran QB. Stafford won’t bring huge trade value but he’d likely be the best viable option. Or maybe their doctors say there’s a chance he will never be the same QB but there’s also a chance he plays 5-7 more years of quality ball. He would still bring some trade value. Maybe not high trade value but in such a weak market you just never know.

I dont know - I want Stafford to stay but I could see BQ thinking he might be better off trading Mat if he can get some value.

They should have trade opportunities at 3 and at 5/6 wherever, and should take both if it means they stay top 7 at the end of it, meaning one of the below wants to move down to 5 ahead of Carolina and LAC.

3 for 5 26 and a 70
5 for 6/7 and 40/1 .


One of KinLaw/Brown ( though could go Okudah/Simmons and change the mix in RDs 2-3), then K Murray, McKinnie, Dobbins, Bredeson, Okwara.

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My thoughts exactly. I’d love to see us move down twice and still draft in the top 10.

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Actually, there’s never been a clearer wave of next-up young, talented QBs that I can remember.

As all of those guys you pointed out are fading away, what have we got? Mahomes, Lamar, Watson. In the next tier: Kyler Murray, Mayfield, Josh Allen.

And I’d still count Prescott, Jimmy G. and Goff as young QBs as well.

I just don’t think any NFL team other than the Lions would pay Stafford 30 million dollars at this point in his career. Even without his back history. Now, factor in back to back - back injuries and I wouldn’t touch him if I was the GM of any of the other 31 NFL teams, especially for his pricetag. Dude got paid 10 million dollars per win last year. We tend to overvalue our own here. I don’t think the rest of the league sees him like some Lions fans do.

Stafford will not be traded and nor should he!

It’s all just rumors started by a bunch of nobody’s!

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I agree that he shouldn’t be. But I wouldn’t be surprised by anything BQ does.

He did trade Tate and Diggs.


Nice post.

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21.3 Mil against the 2020 Cap.

Unlikely he’s traded - I agree - But I still think it’s plausible.

with all these QB’s in transition, or leaving football, doesn’t that raise Stafford in terms of the best NFL QB’s now? raise his rank ?

With no back history, perhaps. I don’t see anyone going on in on a guy with 2 years of back issues. I’d rather risk it on a QB who tore his ACL in back to back years than broken bones in his back 2 years in a row.

Factor in that us fans thought he was good to go last year and 2 months later, the same (but different) broken bones in back issue resurfaced. It’s very concerning, I think.

Trading Stafford now would be kind of insane. You’re bottoming out your own trade value, as he just missed half a season with a back injury.

Even if the Lions pick Stafford’s replacement in this draft, you want Stafford back, and starting, in 2020. Showing he’s healthy, and hopefully playing well. Then, next offseason, you either have much better trade value for Stafford, and a much more doable cap hit; or, you say, “Wow, he’s playing so good, we just can’t get rid of him,” and your young QB in waiting waits longer than he wants to.

That said, even in Scenario B, Stafford is getting older, and has an unusually high number of hits and road miles on him for his age. His Iron-Man days of 16 starts every year are probably a thing of the past. So having some quality behind him is not a bad thing.


nailed it

Spot on, Stafford is going no where until 2021 at the earliest for all of the reasons you mentioned

Here’s another article on NFL QB’s in flux.

It mentions a few QB’s that I didn’t mention above.

Stafford does not have a bad back , he has bad luck . These injuries would have happened to a 21 year old QB .
Stafford’s back is not an issue here , age , money , life , his wife and family are relevant but not his back.

Stafford’s value is so much higher than what it is being portrayed here in this thread …Once again Stafford was a top ELITE QB through his 2019 season with no running game yet again .
Not a doubt in my mind Stafford will be that same QB for a minimum of 4-5 years and likely longer . He should remain a Lion and be a part of grooming our future QB .
I would think he would be upfront with Detroit and give them notice as to his timeline should he choose to step away while healthy and still in top form .


not bad luck either. Our O-lines do not and cannot keep any body from pounding on him UNTIL he eventually gets injured. if anything is bad luck? it’s that.

32 million dollar cap hit if the Lions were to trade Stafford. Stafford isn’t going to be traded unless his back is fine, no one is taking on his contract for someone who can’t stay on the field. If his back is fine, then the Lions why would the Lions trade him in a win now year?