NFL to add a playoff team to each conference?

Water down a product that’s already turning off some of its viewers – what could go wrong?


Don’t like it


So you’re saying the Lions have a chance…


It’s 7 teams per conference not 17


Sorry, not gonna lie. I like the idea of only one team having a bye and adding another team. Not sure how you can water down a playoff system with one more team per conference and that turning off viewers by looking at rating is a false narrative, no one ever mentions how many people stream the games (which is a lot and just growing every year).

I think if they are going to add a team, they need to make an adjustment with seeding. I think division winners should all make the playoffs, but seeding is based on record and standard tiebreaker rules. So basically no guaranteed home playoff game if you win your division.

I have no problem with adding teams to the playoffs. As it stands, division winners are in. Often though, there are seasons when there’s a team(or two)that has a better regular season record than one(or more) of the division winners. By adding another team, this problem will be corrected. Well, it’s a step toward correcting it.

I prefer to keep it the same…

But that’s me… I watch the Lions …

Lol - If they make the playoffs under the new format… people will say that the only reason why!


It is about the REVENUE and nothing more. The playoffs generate mass amounts of added revenue. Both the league and the players want it. Keep the CAP rising. More profit to owners.

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I like the idea


Also, read that adding a regular game while removing one preseason game.

I find this all shocking. In meaning, thought the new CBA could be a long drawn out affair that could cost a season. Plus read that the new players cut is $5 billion. It’ll go from 47% to 48.5% of revenue for seventeen weeks. A slight down side is that the extra game opens it up for more games to be played on foreign soil without losing a home game.

If this gets settled before the draft, it’s a huge feather in the cap of Goodell. Don’t tell him I said that…

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Me too!

It will be nice , New England always in a weak division . Remember we had Tampa bay with us one time

I expected not to like this. But I think I like it.

All it means is one less team in each conference gets a bye. Good. Give only one team in each conference a bye. Make it mean more.

Now put the schedule at 17 games and reduce the preseason to 3 games, 2 games, even 1 game.

I have no issue with adding another team to the Playoffs. I like the idea that only the top team from each conference would get the bye. I also like the idea that there will be 3 wildcard teams. seen too many teams kept out of the playoffs because other teams beat them because of SOS or some other uncontrollable stat. I think that it will be interesting to see how things go.

I like it because it gives Detroit one more chance to miss the playoffs.

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Gee, Martha’s “mandate” is going to become an even lower hurdle. Whoopee.

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I like an odd number(5 or 7) so only 1 team is rewarded a bye.

5 or 7 pros/cons

5: 1-2 decent teams could miss but teams have to work harder to get in.

7: all good teams will make it but could just as easily be watered down. Which, if it is, then the playoffs will begin round 2!

Yah - I don’t like change for change only but I’m warming up to it…

I do like the one team - one bye idea…

Hell yeah we can start adding to the bannerdetroit-lions-banner-370x180