Is this someone the Lions should be interested in? I really don’t know much about him. Is he good vs run and pass? More info please!

I dont know much about him except he is expect a huge contract. More than likely too big of a contract for us.

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Young guy, lots of sacks last year. Considered a pass rushing nightmare.

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He’s getting the biggest non quarterback deal in FA

He’s 24. An elite pass rusher. Horrible vs run. Reports are he wants over $20 mil a year.
Jax initial price believed to start at two 1st round picks in trade.


Lols he had 8 sacks last year he’s not very good against the run. I think he’s very overrated.


Not by me. The only two DL I have so far supported are Judon and Chris Jones. I have run some suitable DT’s and Arik Armistead through some off season FA equations but I am still evaluating.

Maybe a 2nd. Possibly a future 1st.

I really liked him coming out so I’d love him in FA but Jax is tagging him.

Yeah, we’re talking about a tag and trade.