Nhl playoffs :::::::::!


So, since I’m sure I’ll only get interest from one other person here …

Whaddya think happens, @WinnipegFan?

SJ vs. VGK looks like an excellent first round as far as entertainment value. As for me, I’m certainly hoping Vegas can get healthy, especially with Fleury.

Edit: Sorry for the title, I had to get around a glitch about the character minimums.

PS Bring Back Al MacInnis


First round exit for my Jets at this point. The spark from last year is gone.

I think this is the year the president’s trophy curse is broken. TB looks like a Juggernaut. Vegas looks like a wildcard again, I underestimated them last year, but I’m still not sure what they’ll do this year.

The Blues scare me, when Binnington is on they look amazing.


I worry about my beloved Maple Leafs. Boston is likely going to kick the snot out of them.

I hate this playoff format BUT you should build a team that can compete with anyone…the Leafs have some big names and great players…but dare I say that maybe Babcock is becoming an issue?


Jets are fucking garbage. Ugh.


Get it out of your system now. Maybe they’ll tune it up before the playoffs.


In Toronto, unless you win every game, it seems like everything becomes an issue.

That said, i really think this one is something worth looking into.

It certainly is terrible timing for a distraction.


Anyone willing to throw down some first round predictions?

DAL/NASH: Predators in 6

WIN/STL: Jets in 7

CAL/COL: Flames in 5

VEG/SJ: Golden Knights in 6

TB/COL: Lightning in 5

BOS/TOR: Bruins in 6

WASH/CAR: Caps in 4

NYI/PITT: This might be the hardest for me to figure out. Pens in 5?


Wow, Tampa collapsed.


Not just Tampa…I am impressed by the way The NYI are playing…and Columbus. Both are employing a wicked forecheck and they are all backchecking. Both TB and Pit look like they don’t care.

Come on Leafs…don’t F with my emotions and blow this one…again…


Tampa Bay especially looked like this was NBD.

What a shame, considering how incredible that team was. Theyll more than likely have to dismantle a lot of it, and one has to wonder if Cooper is let go.

All in all, a bad time to have lost Yzerman, and what’s even better is Nikita Gusev is a Golden Knight, and actually came to the U.S.



It just shows the regular season is meaningless and all you need to do is just get in. What happens from there shows what your team is. Or you have a goalie that played out of his mind.