Nice behind the scenes vid of lions coaching and scouting staff

Wonder who the player is Patricia loves so much in this vid?


Probably the #3 long snapper from Idaho State. Dude is way out of his league.

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That was a Reese Peanut Butter cup!


Same here. Any reports out there hyping a player from the North squad? Non-stop motor?

NT- Neville Gallimore comes to mind. He has the ability to play two gap so I think he’s a good fit for us. Here’s what they said after day 1 at the Senior Bowl.

Showcasing his versatile skillset at Oklahoma, Neville Gallimore continued that trend in Mobile this afternoon. Winning in a multitude of ways at the point of attack with rip throughs, swims and club moves, Gallimore constantly found himself in the backfield with a chance to make a play on the ball. His motor (effort) never quits — though on film, one will notice he can lose stamina — and he proved that today winning some reps in 11-on-11 situations on just pure effort and prowess. The compact defensive tackle ranges from a 1-tech to a 3-tech and maybe a few more techniques down the line, but his dominant trench play this season in Norman partnered with today’s performance is giving off high Day 2 vibes.

Here’s more on Gallimore.

He could go round one but I think there’s a strong possibility he’s there when we pick at 35.

That was an entertaining watch. Thanks for posting it!

Love it. “The Canadian Bulldozer”.

Thanks, Dan. First I had seen of it.

Thought I was hearing Sam Kinison a few times there from coach Patricia.

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Also curious who the player is he spoke of who looks good on film but he was disappointed with in practice. That’s a big advantage of having those guys in practice and meeting for a week.

Guessing here … but I’d guess it was Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest.

The kid played mostly zone at Wake Forest. He has speed and his ability shows well on tape. However MP asked him to play mostly man and press coverages and he struggled badly. He also got abused by WR’s Mims and Pittman. He’s a smaller CB and he clearly struggles against bigger, more physical WR’s.