Nice breakdown of run game problems

I thought this was a valuable read. Highlights several problems that we talk about it some of the threads.

great read thanks for posting! now it’s up to Patricia to talk to that jackass and set him straight AND make defensive adjustments for this game or it’s going to get ugly !

Goddammit Davis…ugh.

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The Lions defense never gave up 100 yards rusher through the first four games. After that, everything went south.

Half of the issues they’ve highlighted would not be issues with proper 3-4 DE’s.
Robinson is not good against a double-team.
Flowers gives up too many pounds to an OT.

Additionally, if your 34 SAM can be blocked out of a play by a TE, the run will be successful.

Lastly, Davis. Ugh.

Tavai subbed in for Davis for two of those games.