Nice read for the pro Mattie’s out there!


Stafford’s play this year before he got hurt was very good. It wasn’t his fault the defense couldn’t hold a lead, or that the officials royally fucked us in Green Bay. He says he’s good to go, so if the Lions can finally build a defense that can win games instead of losing them, then maybe this team has a shot at the playoffs. I say that with the added benefit that Stafford may not have to win games by outscoring the other team; throwing the ball away instead of getting clobbered could be more of an option, thereby saving him a little more wear and tear and maybe another injury.

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Love Matt, but, I’m having visions of Romo.

Matt is young and has a long career ahead of him. The Lions and the city of Detroit are extremely lucky to have him.


Bull ship article. It says the Lions have to “step up and support him properly”. Just what in the fuq does that mean? I would KNOW what that meant if they would have explained what they meant. They didn’t, in fact they went on to basically give Quinn a pass because he’s doing it, and I have a hard time not puking every time I see this, the “Patriot Way”. Spending large on aging veterans in FA and with contract extensions? Poor drafts, what in the hell is this guy seeing that escapes me at least? Some people here can’t stand the slightest criticism of Matt and act like he’s some kind of god, he isn’t, but he’s a good QB. The “trade” talk has been fueled by his injuries, not because of his play, this Schick dude is way off base.


So many people are going to be eating crow next year.


What kind of record would they have to have for people to “eat crow”?

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I would suggest the Lions have as good a shot of reaching the SB next year as any team in the division.

Understand this one brother…

We don’t know what the future holds… but I pray it’s not this!

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Me, too! For sure!

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Some people just like to overreact to justify how awsome they think they are.

Matt, period, is the best QB we have ever had. Not talking team composition… QB. - and regardless of injuries he will do fine.

Will we go to the playoffs? Have no clue.

Will we miss the playoffs due to poor overall QB play from Matt? A resounding no.

You have your opinion… got that. but do you really have to get all into berserker mode? No you don’t.


This is an article about an individual- the QB… not “they” as in overall team.

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LOL, when someone calls out the team for not supporting the highest paid QB in the game and then offers no solutions…sorry if I refuse to accept crap “journalism”. And BTW, why did you feel that you needed to tell me that Matt was the best QB we have ever had? What was it that I said that said otherwise? It seems to me that some people need to attack anyone who doesn’t give Matt GOD status. Does that make you feel “awesome”?

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LOL.the “they” was the people who wrote and printed the article.

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Stafford isnt even in the top 5 highest paid QBs in the game

He WAS the highest paid QB as of his last contract.

Yes 2 years ago.

So does that mean that they aren’t treating him right? WTF, it was a crap article and accusing Detroit of not treating him right w/o even saying why is about as chicken shjt as it gets.

100% I agree you have to Support the QB? What does this mean …

M.Stafford through 8 games 64.2 comp% for 2500 Yds , 19TD’s , 5 Int’s, 20 rushing attempts for 66 yds & QB rating of 106 , Sacked 18 times

Tom Brady through 8 games 64.6 comp% for 2250 Yds , 13TD’s , 4 Int’s, 14 rushing attempts for 3 yds & QB rating of 96.5 , Sacked 13 times

The Lions Record 3-4-1 …The Patriots record 8-0

The support each QB received over the first 8 Games :

Lions Defense gave up 217 points and the Patriots gave up 61 points

Lions Defense forced 12 Turnovers, the Patriots forced 25 Turnovers

The Lions Rushing game pitched in 678 rushing yards, 2TD’s, the Patriots 762 rushing yards 12 TD’s

Why anyone can not understand that the QB can only do so much as far as win totals go is beyond me …Brady 8-0 GOAT elevates his team , Stafford 3-4-1 cant get it done, if only we had Tom Brady :thinking:


He says the same shit every offseason. Don’t worry, he’ll be right sooner or later. :roll_eyes: