Niners defense QB pressure

Put pressure on Cousins on 46% of the pass plays. Odd concept, to want to put pressure on a QB.
Very surprising they were able to win despite.


Amazing, right? I want us to fix the DL so badly. Rodgers is declining, Mathew is on top of his game, Cousins sucks when pressured, Chi doesn’t have a QB. Our window of opporutunity is NOW.
Screw signing Slay and an elite opposite him…they wouldn’t be able for cover for 7 seconds at a time, anyway. We need a pass rushing, run stopping, feelings hurting, angry bunch of dudes that will take your friggin’ lunch money.

Nice touch :wink: I appreciated that, and share the sentiment.


Just thinking about the way we let Cousins sit back there and pick us apart pisses me off all over again.

Some QBs I can understand prioritizing contain. Cousins isn’t one of those. Bring the pressure and rattle his game.

F’ing genius should know this.


So, back to a 4-3? Not for another year, and this years pick ups will be 3-4 guys.
I’m sorry guys, I’m so thoroughly disgusted, and embarrassed.
It’s starting to sink in that we never have experienced exec’s, GM’s, HC’s, because nobody wants to come here.
That means the best players here are going to want out, and the best players on the market will demand top dollar, if they even consider us.

Rodgers is one win away from going to the Super Bowl , after making several big time throws in a playoff game. The Lions are picking 3rd overall, while Green Bay is in the NFC title game.

Rodgers “declining”, while Stafford is at “the top of his game”. Nice take.


49ers have sunk a ton of resources into their DL. Not surprising they can get a pass rush.

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And the Lions haven’t under Quinn? Mike Daniels $10 million. Flowers 3rd highest paid DE in league. A’Shawn- taken between the NFLs leading rusher and NFLs leading WR. Ziggy Ansah- playing on franchise tag. Damon Harrison. The Lions have sunk resources into the dline. It just hasn’t yielded results.

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Not like the 49ers. 4 of the last 5 drafts they have taken a DL in the 1st. And those guys are still on the team.


Rodgers didn’t play especially well and yes Stafford outplayed him this year. Rodgers looked slow and afraid out there and made several mistakes at crucial points. They got a nice lead but I still don’t see them winning next week.

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Correct, San Fran has Armstead #19 overall pick, Buckner #7 overall pick, Soloman Thomas #3 overall pick, and Bosa #2 overall pick. They’ve invested into their d-line like nobody else.

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If you can’t pressure the QB on drop backs you stand no chance in this division, let alone league. Having the best secondary money can buy doesn’t do you shit if the QB has enough time to drink his beer and find an open man without spilling. As a former defender, in my opinion the hardest time to cover someone is in a scramble drill and that’s all you’d be creating in that scenario on a lot of drop backs. You are at a complete disadvantage in those cases.

D-line/coaching is an absolutely critical upgrade that needs to happen before this team will experience any improvement within the division. Teams that win on a consistent basis are able to create pressure without blitzing on the regular. Blitzing helps you take it to another level once your front four have gained respect from the league.

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I’m with you. The problem is fixing our DLine is a massive investment at a premium position. We need at least two new starters and one rotational rusher. That’s a LOT for one offseason.

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Umm Rodgers was 6 for 6 throwing downfield over ten yards, three of those going over 20. He finished with a 113 qbr and two TDs

On which planet did he ‘not play especially well?’


I didn’t watch much of the game so I can’t comment on how Rodgers played…but if you’re not familiar with Jrlions, he goes into nervous twitches any time a QB not named Stafford plays well and Jrlions will take every opportunity to make stuff up to crap on all the QB’s better than Stafford!

It’s very hard to take anything Jrlions says seriously because you always know it’s skewed by this weird unhealthy infatuation with John Matthew Stafford.

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I agree. Lots to fix. Will take more than one offseason. I just hope we can get average/15-20-ish rank on defense .

He took sacks when he had plenty of time to get rid of the ball. He threw the ball away late when trying to run out the clock instead of running and sliding letting the clock run. He was only 16/27/243 and missed several open opportunities as well. He made a couple solid throws on the last drive, nothing spectacular as they were lob throws to open receivers.

Such a best case scenario, for me. Remember
Jones, Fariley, Suh, Ansah…NASTY. that’s my favorite stuff to watch.
When Miami got cute and decided to single team Suh. LOL. Tannehill had his helmet on sideways half of that game, and appeared to be contemplating retirement. The following offseason, they paid Suh a gazillion dollars to go to Miami.

The Cowboys game when Dallas started getting a lot of momentum, and Suh had back to back sacks. Just brutalizing talent. I love really good DLmen.

Speaking of retirement, When does Wesley come back? We need his input.

So that’s just shy of making 60% of his passes, two TDs no ints, 6 for 6 downfield, 243 yards and a 113 qbr. And clutch passes into tight coverage to ice the game

From PFF:
“…Rodgers was the highest-graded quarterback of the weekend, delivering key plays and big-time throws when the Packers offense needed him most…”

But sure…nothing special

Oh yes, go to PFF if you never want to be taken seriously. Grading a QB is decision making, seeing the field and the accuracy of his throws. Those were good throws, but not tight windows. His inability to let the ball go on several opportunities wasn’t good as he has lost his confidence to throw in those tight windows.

You live in a special world JR