No Detroit Lions players opting out of 2020 NFL season — for now

They can’t change their minds

NFL players have seven days from the time changes to the collective bargaining agreement are ratified to make an irrevocable decision to opt-out of the season. The seven-day opt-out window has yet to begin, and players can decide to opt out later due to new health concerns.

They don’t get paid their full salaries

Players who fall into the high-risk category because of medical conditions will receive a $350,000 stipend for the season, while others are eligible for a $150,000 advance on their 2021 salaries.

Players who decide to opt out have their contracts toll.

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I could see bubble players like Agnew, Killebrew, JRM, Geronimo Allison, Fulgham opting out. Key players unlikely. I could also possible see Tavai opting out… although he will probably get injured anyways so he will collect his salary. He’s not an NFL caliber player. The pick of Tavai is just as bad as Tabor.

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Not anymore, DL John Atkins opts out. Heard he used to be a Patriot…

WTF are you talking about? Tavai had a much more productive rookie season than Tabor ever had. Do you even watch Lions games? He will probably get injured huh LMAO Guys like you are something special.

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