No Hard Knocks for the Lions

Officially going to the L.A. teams. Funny enough, they both could have said no. Maybe the whole ‘cool kids don’t want to be on Hard Knocks’ vibe is fading.

Chargers need all the publicity they can get

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yup, an effort to help those LA franchises

The Lions are such a bad and quiet franchise: I was hoping for some access. To this day, we’ve watched BQ and MP make us a laughingstock again. I’d like to see something that explains why. Not only do we suck. But we are also extra private.


Even Hard Knocks doesn’t want us.


In the past, Patricia being an asshole to his entire roster would have been what Hard Knocks wanted.

Yep. Season 1 with Gunther Cunningham helped launch it, along with America’s exposure to The Turk. Plus, it just seems like the appeal of teary-eyed players would be more than they could resist.

We have no talent. We have no owner. We have a GM with no personality. We have no players with passion or personality. All the head coach says is “things of that nature”. Which means, I don’t know WTF I’m talking about.

Not really marketable. This team doesn’t even get the juices flowing for it’s own fan base.

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Whew! Looks like the NFL sees what everyone one else does… A dying market for LA teams. Will Hard Knocks be enough to get it to where they expected it to be when moving the Rams and Chargers there?