No, it does matter that the Lions looked terrible last night

Ok well my point remains, on the Marinelli to BB scale of head coaches I will be happy if Patricia falls in the middle.

As of now I’m not confident he will turn out to be a good coach

And if it makes the conversation less obfuscated perhaps allow me to revise the scale. On the Hue Jackson to BB scale…

A good HC wouldn’t turn the offense over to Tom Colletto. Marinelli was a good HC like Millen was a good GM.

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Defense got better as the season went on last year.

Players actually came here for cheaper to play with the guy.

He’s finally influenced us to get a run game after decades of pass happy.

Seems to me he’s earned a little benefit of the doubt. But that’s just me.

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I’m just not certain where the tipping point is between doubt and the benefit thereof

I’m still hopeful but not confident - There were moments last year where the team knew what they were doing. And lots of moments where they looked woefully unprepared as well

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Hey come on. I spent time and made that Chris Farley meme and no one laughed.
That is the fist time I ever made a meme in my life, and I used Chris Farley and tied it in with the Lions. That has to be worth at least a few chuckles, right?

You guys can make contributions to the pdono comedy school for kids via PayPal.

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I hit it with the heart, because we dont’ that the laughing guy!

I’d support you, even if it wasn’t funny, brother! That one was pretty good though.

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You are the only friend I can count on. LOL…

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For Pdono…


That chip n dales routine was gold.

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Week one and two, not so nice. 5 Turnovers from the passers didn’t help much in game one…

But then week 3, whipped patriots.

Also that mention of Belichick using Patricia’s game plan to beat the Rams. We had the right plan, but not the personnel. That said things to me.

I’m a little bit more hostile than most to Respondeat Superior, though.

My confidence hasn’t wavered at all, yet. Would have liked to seen more of some guys, especially Harris and Oruwariye. We’re gonna do great.

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Shaving Matty Patty w/Occam’s Razor I see…


I loved our play off the bench.


Great play design!

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“You’ll know when we really need you to make a play.”

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