No Lions in top 100 of NFL

Do you agree? I wonder how a Pro-Bowl WR doesn’t make top 100.

Technically, Slay should count as a Lion here imo, because his performance as a Lion was what was evaluated for this list. Golladay not being on here is questionable, but the team’s record did him no favors.

So true, as silly as i see it, i know many fans that think having a losing record means the team has no good players.

Great job Quinn…

I do not 100% agree with the list but I understand how no Lions made it.

The Lions lack top shelf talent.

Golladay deserves to be on this list! Led the league in receiving TD’s and would have by a large margin had Stafford stayed healthy.


I really don’t think so. There’s a lot of great WR’s who didn’t make the list either. Ones I would rank higher than Golladay. .

Look how low Keenan Allen is ranked.

Truth is we lack top shelf talent.

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Just curious who you’d rank ahead of Golladay? And I guarantee if Stafford plays all season they both make this list easily.

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It’s not just me … here’s a list of the top 10 WR’s and Golladay didn’t make the list.

I think most non-lions fans would agree with this list.

The list says apologies to Golladay and a few others who were the final cuts. It also mentions how after the top five that it’s a toss up. You realistically can’t see Golladay cracking that list this year with a healthy Stafford? I can. I think most Lions fans would agree with me!

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the difference in OA receiving yards between Allen & KG in 2019??? 9 yards more for Keenan Allen.

you cannot compare careers bc Allen has played 7 seasons in the NFL & Golladay has played 3.

IN 2019, Kenny G had more TD’s…and only had 65 receptions falling behind Allen by 9 yards…Allen? , had 104 receptions in 2019.

Sorry but those 10 other WR’s deserved to make that top 10 list. Several of them aren’t on the top 100 list too. Golladay was a boarderline top 10 WR In the league last year. I like Golladay but I can see why he ranks behind those other WR’s. That is why he’s not in the top 100.

Cub - you can’t go by just stats my friend. Stats are mainly an indicator of opportunities.

Allen is one of the best route runners in the game. He’s a true possession receiver. A reliable chain mover. He consistently sees double coverages. Far more frequently than Golladay does. That’s the reason why Allen has made the probowl 3 years in a row.

But if stats are what you want to go by.
Allen was 3rd in the NFL in receptions last year. Golladay was 42nd. Keenan Allen caught 70% (6th in the NFL) of the passes thrown his way. Golladay caught just 56% (24th)

Golladay’s catch % put him ranked at 172nd in the league. When you look at this one stat you can quickly understand why he’s not ranked in the top 100 players.

I like Golladay but I also understand why he’s not a top 10 ranked WR too.

Golladay should have made the Top 100 easy …

He lead all WR in TD’s with 11
He was 3rd overall in yards per catch
He was 5th overall in yds per target
80% of his Receptions went for a 1st down…

Hell he was Mike Evans in 2019 …

Golladay should be on the list ahead of all 4 of them


80% of the balls he caught but what about the ones he didn’t? That’s the issue with KG.

He failed to catch nearly half the targets thrown his way. That’s why he’s not ranked as a top 10 WR. That’s why he’s not ranked in the top 100 players.

That’s the nature of the big play X Receiver…Golladay’s Catch Percentage was 56% the same applies to Metcalf 58%, Parker 56%, Evans 56% & Beckham 55% who all made the list, they were all similar.

Yet Golladay bested them all in nearly every category…and did so with 3 QB’s .


Golladay is going to have to have a 90+ reception year to be taken seriously for these kinds of lists.
If he and Stafford can stay healthy, and we have a season, it might happen this year.

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How do you pay a guy 90 million and he’s not even in the top 100 players ? His salary is sure in the top 100. This is why Bob Quinn is considered one of the worst GMs in the league.

Remember who you are talking to. Wolf communicates almost exclusively thru stats. That’s how his brain is wired.

Come on Air. He had tomato cans throwing him passes half the year.

I don’t know if there are 10 other receivers that could have led the league in touchdowns with backups throwing them the ball.

Top 100 is based on last year. Not overall performance or perception.

He deserved it for his performance. He may not be top 10 in terms of talent…but to perform the way he did last year with his QB play…he absolutely deserved it.

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