No more PI review

I’m not surprised. The NFL really didn’t practice reviewing anyway. They hardly overturned any PI calls. Nor did they call any PI, even when they were obvious. Are you glad it’s gone?

That was dumb to even have to begin with.

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Yep. It sucked. The sky judge element that they’ve talked about makes some sense though. Give them some help in real time.

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If they did it the right way, it would have been fine. Instead, NFL officials threw a hissy fit over it; the guy in New York steadfastly refused to enforce the rule, and they rendered it useless.


I’m glad it’s gone the way they were doing it, which was completely dishonest. The refs did not want this, and it was obvious they were going to do everything they could to scuttle it. They did. This BS of well… yeah it was a penalty… but… it wasn’t THAT bad of a penalty… is BS. It wasn’t like teams had 8 chances to litigate a PI. They were confined to a couple a game. Those huge chunk plays on PI’s are more important than many reviewable plays. They should have been officiated correctly and then it would have been worth having and keeping. But the league failed as a whole with this. They should have stepped in early when the refs were ignoring the rules and told them to change their calls if they were wrong. We got, well yeah he gets there early and pulled him to the ground before the ball got there… uh… but… uh… we aren’t going to fix it. Total crap.


They sabotaged the effort.


Why use all the magnificent technology of the 21st century?

I say let humans and their Hawk-like vision be the decision makers for this billion dollar industry.

Just throwing an idea out there, but would it be possible to put a censor in the game balls and some sort of line/wire running under the Goal line that was able to detect when the ball crossed?

Censor crosses the goal line and it can be confirmed a TD.

Knee jerk reaction to non call in the playoffs, they pretty much had to do something.


Spot on. I could not believe the end result on 90-95% of those calls. for example; Everyone in the country knew it was PI and they would come back and say no interference. BULLSHIT!


I think it was intentionally poorly executed

COMPLETELY agree. Just a giant lie.

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I don’t think they really wanted to change anything. They hoped that they could keep the calls the same outside of the occasional inexplicable screwup, and that the teams and fans would be satisfied that they at least had a chance to fix it. Nope. Everyone is rewatching the play from multiple angles in HD before the zebra has even picked up the red flag.

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Check out A few of the XFL games. It can (and should) be done right.