No question now, Slay not a Patricia fan

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Fatty Matty deserves all of that smoke. He’s not a leader. And it shows.


And vice versa. For some reason, Patricia was apparently not a big fan of Slay.

And here come all the comments for and against both parties

You nor I nor anyone knows the truth, the context of the entire conversation. Did slay over react, did MP over react …

I don’t care. Why? Because the other 90% of the team seems ok with him

Drama drama drama!! :heart::+1::crazy_face:


How many players need to speak up before people start to listen?


more than 10%?!

I do my best to be openminded on all things……

I do see it from my limited point of view…….

could I be wrong? yes! but, I do really now nor does anyone no with in that organization brother.

we are speculating.

why does anyone than want to come here to play? why are new ocaches wanting to work here?

ok - I am going back to chasing bobcats in my backyard!

Until all the players who don’t fit in are gone? Will Collins bitch? Harmon? Shelton? The rooks? I doubt it.

Dude, the coach is going to be gone after next year. What do you think this is, some kind of dynasty in the making?

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Another thread on this. Can we combine the 2 please?

Lols what 90 , u mean all the Patriots he signed.
You can blow smoke all u want been watching Lions 40 years and never seen a coach have more players come forward and talk bad about him.

It happens when there is an alpha coach trying to coach alpha players. Some just know, it’s not worth fighting about it.

Ask Bobby Knight

It’s their last stand, can you blame them for a no-holds-barred approach? We’ll see what happens, but, yes, I’m like how this offseason is going so far.


Of course you are.

I understand Patricia is not well-liked by some players. Who cares? I just want a team filled with players that are all pulling in the same direction. Don’t take their money if you don’t want to do that.


Well you have that now so I guess I understand why your happy about it.

Personally I dislike the direction this team is heading. That direction is down … I guess Trevor Lawrence here’s your Lions Jersey.

What is there to like about what direction this team is pulling in?

They’ve doubled down on their strategy. What choice did they have? I’ve said all along, if they can’t build a playoff team this year I’m in favor of a clean sweep.


Were you expecting them to just scrap their approach and try something different?

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There’s an approach to all of this?

We’ve got no shot of building a contending team if most NFL players don’t want to play for this head coach, or this GM, or this organization. Isn’t it blindingly clear that perfectly good, talented players are bolting town because they just don’t like this organization?