No sports in 2020?

This guy wrote an article saying he doesn’t think sports will happen this year at all. I personally hope to God he is wrong. Thoughts?

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NFL Injury Analytics? Yeah, not even gonna click on this bait

It’s an election year - they’ll happen. Baseball season will open on 4th of July in some capacity. I think NFL season will happen with little noticeable effects. NBA will finish this season - going directly into playoffs and finish before the fall and then plan to start up “next season” in Late December. Hockey could be toast because of too many Canadian based teams. They’ll lose this season but start up without crowds in Canada next fall.

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I don’t think we will see fans at games for awhile. NHL and NBA will finish their seasons and will be playing at some point in July IMO. NFL will continue as scheduled, without fans. I could see college football being pushed until spring… they rely more ticket sales than pro leagues.


I don’t think team sports can be played until there’s vaccine that can be given to everyone before-hand.

How do you play basketball without everyone on the floor contracting it if one person is infected?

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No sports means, no nothing then.
No restaurant, no malls , no movie theaters, no casino, no cruises, no theme parks, and much more. I’m not sure how much longer I can or anyone else can sit their house for another month.

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I never have an issue with what you post, but this struck a nerve. A simple NO, would have sufficed. It is something being talked about online and there were valid talking points. It isn’t “bait”.

If they get to where tests can be quickly administered by team medical staff to verify all of the players are OK, then they should be able to advance. Rapid testing is on the cusp of being here, where a vaccine is still over a year away.

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Great points. I was playing Call of Duty a few nights ago w my cousin and a few of his buddies who play for Texas A&M and Alabama and they were saying their coaches are concerned about the season being impacted. I’d hate to see no sports. Some were stressing about how it would impact their draft status for next year and wishing they had declared a year early.

Well I’m sure we will have golf. Social distance is about as good as you can get


Anybody meeting with Trump gets some test that gives results in 15 minutes. If they are 100% accurate - something like that is possible. IIRC NBA was talking about doing exactly this BUT only if these tests were widely available to the general population first as they rightly didn’t want the shitstorm of players getting tested every game and regular folks still not being able to get tested.

NBA has small rosters - 15 for games each team, so both teams, limited coaching staffs and trainers, referees and then cameramen and you could probably get a televised game with around 50 tests kits per game.

Right, we have to reach the point where the tests are no longer being rationed. That’s not tomorrow, but it’s a heck of a lot sooner than a vaccine.

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that chit is literally going on now here near Frankenmuth, Michigan. Most BIG restraunt chains are all closed , only some using drive thru option, malls closed, movies heaters closed, jus a few strugglers out that are still employed and getting necessities…then right back home. hell medical clinics are closed the tiny Urgent Care places and that, dealerships, only about 1/3 the “normal” daily drivers, you go to Wal-Mart on a daily? about 90 to 200 people in there at one time, It’s none of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds , parking is pretty simplified, isn’t nothing like it typically is in Mid Mich. Heck ain’t a damn thing each and every day to see Applebee’s SWAMPED and parking lots crammed…they are all bare , save for a ghost crew to work take out…but fairly dead around here no pun intended ….in a very noticeable way…even our local police are scarce.

Wolf, do you live in Frankenmuth?

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Nope, I live in Millington just a few miles from Frankenmuth…Muth is about a10-15 minute drive away.

I got the 4 corners Bro, lol…Birch Run , Millington, Vassar , and Frankenmuth…and I’m very close to to the very center of them all.

I can drive to each town in 15 minutes or less -weather permitting.

Nice love Frankenmuth. The wife and I stay there every year for our birthdays, cause we have back to back birthdays. We stay at the best Western in Birch Run. Then do the whole down town, and Bronners. We love T-dub awesome pizza.

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that’s cool…been by T-Dubs prolly 700 times over, never stopped in there , always thee tourists season around there…but I am going at some point to T-Dubs bc I love pizza and have to try it just for that reason lol…

just been tied up doing yard work and that on warmer-good days. but I plan on slipping over there before too much longer. I really like to escape to The SONIC in Birch Run…get a couple nice burgers with Jalapenos…and one of their hand made slushes…gives you a hell of a brainfreeze if your not careful/watching …but DAMN their tasty !!

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Then you should never play sports again I mean hell someone might get a cold Your over reacting an by end of next month you will see how much the media has over blown this.

The major thing was they had no idea how to control it an it hit so fast in major places like NY. You do know that 6 states just put like distance rules in place during the whole time.
They biggest thing was hospitals could an some cities could have been over run. They managed to control an learn after first punch .

Many of the deaths in NY were not direct caused by virus an that is a fact an more information is coming out. Again its all about the dollar an death numbers to virus mean more money for state funding from Feds. Any death is sad I understand that , would be nice if some in control of things in some states thought same an not just about dollars.

They will play sports by July an I think NFL will just start like normal. Think back when the NBA an other leagues freaked out about HIV an they found how to handle it.

Remember after 9/11 an they put in the searches an scanners they found way to handle it an as fans we adapted. The same thing will also happen likely by July an yes crowds maybe will be small same as 9/11 an HIV times to start an then we will go like before.

I think by time they check out the deaths from virus it will not match those that pasted from the Flu. I am pro protection but not pro living in a bubble. I can catch a cold from a fan an maybe die.
I disagree I think we should be almost back full crowds by September if not sooner. If anyone doesn’t feel safe stay at home . I think college games will be going an pro sports by Fall. You can stay at home its your right same as its my right to go to a game. only condition I would ask is if your sick or feel sick stay home other wise go if you want.

There will be rules to start, about masks an maybe temp checks to start how long who knows . Maybe in June the play baseball to start with empty or near empty places an just slowly add more fans. The leagues will adapt so will fans.

Just my opinion

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yeah they are NOT going to turn down BILLIONS with ticket sales, merch, advertisements, half-time shows, the draft is like a mini-bowl for fans , they are NOT going to go without the game, the sport , the celebrity…EVEN if you must wear a mask , they put up plastic barriers between fans, ramp up air cleaning controls , or make you get some shot before you go… they might have "different ways " at the consession stands…but they won’t pull the plug on it.

We usually eat a T-dubs, Sonic’s, and Tony’s when we had home. Got the blt with a pound of bacon. Lol way too much, and we both got one. If you like pizza eat there, its worth it.

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