Noha Fants had 4 catches for 113 yards in last game

It takes years for a tight end to develop, look at noha fantz.See the progress Noha Fantz is making
and how hockenson is regressing.What you evaluate Quinn?.Just at least compare the speed than who you are more comfortable(just looking good guy criteria all the time)

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That’s one game. Hock had a better game this season.

That’s Fant’s second 100 yard game of the season


Wes. Your honest take of this poster…… This can’t be legit, can it? Is this some kind of spoof account or, what am I missing here?

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I have no idea

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They are pretty committed to the cause…spoof or reality.:joy:


Hock is on IR. Hard to perform from there. He’s been concussed and had his knee and ankle twisted in ways that would have broken most.
Yeah, hate the rookie because you don’t like where the GM took him.


Hockenson is a better and more complete TE than Fans. It took Hockenson one game to have his first 100 yard game!

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Here’s why TJ was a bad pick and why I was against taking a TE in round one. I argued that I didn’t think TJ was the best TE on his own team. That Fant was more NFL ready as a receiver and that the drop off from those two to the next group wasn’t all that much. That it was a deep TE class. Not to mention rarely is the top TE drafted the best in his class. Their too hard to predict because they take time to fully develop. These are all of the reasons I argued drafting a TE round one was a stupid idea. I lost a ton of confidence when BQ made the same mistake Mayhew did.

The stats once again support this argument. This is the mistake inexperienced GM’s make.

TJ - 32rec 367yrds 11.5avg and 2tds
Fant - 35 - 492Yrds 14.5 avg and 3tds
I. Smith - 31 - 288 yrds 9.3 and 1td.
Knox - 26 - 344yrds 13.2 avg and 2tds
Moreau - 21 - 174 yrds 8.3 avg and 5tds

Now, stop it with that shit. He had a perfectly good story going and in you walk with the damned wrench.

I’ll disagree that TJ is a better TE. I did so before the draft and I still disagree. While he maybe a better blocker he’s a far inferior route runner than Fant is. I like TJ but I still think Fant was the better option and the stats support my argument.

Sorry Air, I wasn’t talking about anti-TJ posters. I was talking about spoof accounts or reality. Espnbaby has been around for years so he is committed to his cause…spoof or reality.

Good stats though. I wanted Devin White or Josh Allen. Those were my two favorites going into the draft. All i can do now i get behind the team and hope the kid has a hell of a career and becomes a Kittle-esque type of player.

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This sounds like the Stafford/ Sanchez argument.

Those numbers will start to separate in year 2.

Is Hock disabled?

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Yeah, I was trying to get get a spin off the Stafford’s not disabled thread.
Sometime my jokes don’t fly.

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lol, no…i am slow. It’s all good. :joy::rofl:

Have you joked your way off the team?


I’m barely hanging on the beer wagon.