“Not much of an appetite for a rebuild....”

Dave Birkett’s quote from the just completed interview on 97.1…meaning, essentially, the Lions Brass has every intention of keeping Stafford and “re-tooling” the current roster for the 1,753rd time.

That’ll make Stafford Fans very happy…


I think, in the scope of that line of thinking, it changes what you’re looking for in a candidate.

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It absolutely does.
ONCE AGAIN, it says to the GM and Coach, “You WILL keep Stafford; are we CLEAR??”


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Well, I guess I’m glad they’re not actively trying to hire a moron.

If a GM came in and said, “I want to ditch the best guy on the team, eat a bunch of dead cap, and spend a bunch of resources on his replacement rather than focusing on the league-worst defense,” I’d be a bit concerned.


Could answer the question of why so many interviews and why the rumor of Saleh not interviewing well may have credence after all. If they’re giving these guys an open mic to share their vision of what they want the Lions to be with no parameters, many could well be hanging themselves when they say, "I’m shipping #9 out of town for some draft picks "

This approach is somewhat disingenuous on the surface, but if you really want to know what people think to head off friction down the line, it makes practical sense. You don’t want a guy just saying the things you want to hear.

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There is no way any coach is saying that he’d prefer to break in a rookie than have Stafford. Coaches go with vets 99 times out of 100, and talented, proven vets 100 times out of 100. I’d bet my house on that.

I really have a hard time seeing any GM presenting a plan that gets rid of Stafford in the next year or two without fantasy land compensation. After that? Who knows? There are so many variables, I would think that the only answer a GM candidate would have is “it depends”. It’s the only reasonable one.

The only people to whom this is even a discussion point are the resident Maddenesque armchair GMs here.


The problem I have with a retool is what you see in Pittsburgh with Ben. 41 mil cap hit for Ben next year is crazy! Dude has lost it. the only way I would agree to keep Stafford is the Lions have to get a QB this year, one with potential; otherwise, if Stafford leaves the team in a couple years they are screwed.

I wonder if Spielman is selling the team doesn’t need retooling? Or, if the Lions are only striving just to to make the playoffs and nothing bigger

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Forgot the other comment from Birkett–that the Lions need 8-9 new starters on defense. Plus an entire WR corps. Call it a rebuild or don’t, commit to it or don’t, that’s what this is. Only question is how much longer it will take because people want to plug their ears and close their eyes and go “la la la, I can’t hear you, no rebuild here!”



The only re-tooling they could do is re-hire Patricia.

If they had a ton of picks or cap space or both, that’d be one thing, but saying this is a retooling is trying to fit a supersonic bomber running at flank speed under the Mackinac Bridge…technically possible, but not well thought out and I don’t want to be anywhere near it when it goes down.

BTW, this actually happened in the 60s…


We’ve finished in last place for three seasons in a row.

We won’t be screwed; we are screwed.

And to hear people thinking this just needs tweaked … I can feel my hope that this pathetic franchise might finally turn a corner going out the window by the second.


Completely agree. I have supported Stafford for 12 years and wish him well. But, we have been mostly terrible with him for 12 years. He’s now getting older and dare I say “injury prone”.

It’s time for a complete culture change and that includes #9.


If this is true and we’re trying to dictate anything to our potential GM, then we deserve what we get.


Very good point if true! It’s clearly NOT about hiring the best candidate when you are telling them what to do.

If you listen to all the potential coaching rumors, Saleh may have wanted to move on from Stafford, hence the poor interview report.


Hello, 1st-round WR!

That make sense because every interview Stafford was going to be discussed. I could potentially see candidates wanting to move on from him. Are these candidates being filtered out by the Lions???

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I think it’s incredibly hard to grade our D, because of what they were being asked to do. Impossible to evaluate the DBs. Our LBs were missing tackles all over the field, and that’s unacceptable.

Get a crazy good DT that makes it look like a hand grenade went off in the pocket. Definitely need some LBs, and a great rusher off the edge would be nice. Not likely they can fix the D this year.

Let’s get the O right, and go “greatest show on turf,” this year. Develop that mentality on O, and maintain it, as you fix the D over the course of the next year or two (or, if we refer to history…decade or two).

I’m consistently wrong w/this stuff, so take it with a grain of salt, Holmes’s.


Are we going to keep the 3-4 or move to a 4-3 base i.e. getting rid of the hybrid shit??

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When the 4 in the 3-4 is a batch of the worst LBs in the league…that also are a horrible fit for what they’re being asked to do…


I’m much more a fan of a 4 man front.