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The Lions went into the GB game with the chance to show they belonged in the hunt for the division, and once again came up short. To be sure, they got dry-fucked by the refs, but that’s nothing new. Hell, you almost have to expect it. But what they CAN do is play better:

  • 1 TD and 5 FGs doesn’t cut it in Green Bay. On these guys you have to put it in the EZ one way or another, more than once.

  • Where the hell is the running game? KeJo got 2.6 per carry, coming off a BYE. WTF?

  • GB got around 150 yards on the ground, Jarrad Davis, where are you?

  • Pass pro wasn’t all that shit-hot either, Stafford got sacked 3 times.

  • Who the hell was the hot read guy? Somebody is supposed to give Stafford a target when he gets blitzed, but it looked to me like he had nobody looking to help.

  • We couldn’t stop GB on defense when we needed to. They stopped us when they needed to, but we couldn’t do it when we had to. Bogus penalties really hurt, but so did Rodgers’ run for a 1st down and a couple of completions plus some good runs. I think we shoulda put everybody on the LOS and sent everybody that didn’t have a man to cover. Rushing 3 sounds nice, but we lost, ya know?

  • They had drops, but so did we.

  • 12 men on the field!!! WTF is that, we gave 'em 4 points there. That shit cannot happen, and I don’t think it was the 1st time this year either. Somebody on ST is not doing their job.

Bottom line, we lost a winnable game. I still think this is a good team, but they haven’t proved anything, not yet. When you have the lead and need to run some time off the clock, the running game is not going to work. We just ain’t good enough at it. We’re going to have to dial up something different. Roll Stafford out, hit your RB out in the flat, have your WRs come back to the ball, something better than KeJo up the middle for a yard or 2.

Ok, game over, Minny coming to the Det. They have a good running game I think, so the Lions better tighten up on that. I got no confidence in our running game, I know you gotta keep the defense honest but if we have the lead in the 4th qtr, don’t sit on it. We just don’t have the push up front, for whatever reason. The Lions have speed in the backfield, so use it.

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If you condone this shit show they have no incentive to fix it!


I would normally agree with you Wise, but enough is enough.

You could make a similar list for the Packers. But the bottom line is ONE team had the help of the officials and it wasn’t the team in blue. I’ve seen this movie way too many times.

The majority of NFL games go down to the wire, and when the officiating isn’t fair, it’s a waste of my time to watch.

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The pass protection was solid.
Other teams get paid to rush the passer and do so… just because we watch the Lions not rush the passer doesn’t mean other teams don’t get after the QB.

  • Davis was counting guys on the field for 12 men penalty. He can’t tackle, cover or count.

  • Trey Flowers and Snacks deserve a lot of criticism. 2 non factors and both are overpaid.

  • Lions need to add a RB… it’s painfully obvious at this point.

  • What is with the guard rotation? Never seen another team do this.

  • Officiating cost the Lions this game… but coaching continues to as well . Patricia not getting enough criticism.

Have to agree on the RB, and we need a pass rusher that can actually get to the QB in less than 10 seconds.

Snacks has just looked below average so far this year. What is going on with him?? We need the dominant Snacks who controls the line of scrimmage between the guards. I haven’t even seen a glimpse of that this year. He looks very slow and lethargic.

I really hope our d-line has a strong second half of the year. They need to pick it up.

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The Vikings are going to have free runs at Stafford all day long.

The goal for the refs now is to make sure we don’t come within a game of making the play offs. That way they can say the Green Bay game didn’t matter anyway.

We had zero turnovers. They had 3. So they didn’t deserve the game. They also kicked 3FGs. We kicked 2 for 50 plus. The other 3 should’ve scored a TD. I was warning people FGs won’t win this game.

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One hopes that getting Hand and Bryant back soon will help. Hand might even play this week against Minny and Bryant the week after against the Giants. Don’t know what to think of Daniels, even when he comes back how out of shape will he be in?

I don’t now if the Lions can pry loose a good pass rusher, but this team needs one above everything else IMHO. That and a MLB that tackles people before they get 40 yards downfield.

was going to post similar but you covered most all the key topics. i’ll add a few.

  • the lions were +3 turnovers in this game and still couldn’t kick GB’s ass.
  • GB actually ran for 170 not 150 yards.
  • we only managed roughly 50 yards rushing against one of the worst run Ds in the league
  • offense starts hot but goes cold again for an entire half as well as the previously mentioned settling for 5 FGs two of which are 50+
  • DL still looks gassed to me at the end of games. maybe when they get hand back it will give them an additional rotation guy but you essentially have 3 guys eating up double teams for 4 qtrs of football. they either need to be supermen or you need to give them help in which case why are you paying flowers 16 million?

i look at it like this. the one thing the lions knew coming into the game was 1) that they had to stop GBs run and 2) that the key on offense was running the ball and taking advantage of GBs biggest weakness their run D. that tells me what the staff probably most specifically prepared to focus on this game they failed. that’s not a good look.

yeah the officiating hurts here for sure. but the play on the field is still inconsistent like it has been every game this season. even at 5-1 i’m not sure GB is even all that good. it’s hard to gauge at this point in the season but it seems like there’s a lot of parity / mediocrity in the league this year.

positive for the lions going forward: without rogers the pack don’t win that game even with the help of the officiating. some of the passes he made were pin point sick. not sure many teams would have pulled that one out without him at QB.

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I’ll add this:

If the Lions don’t cut Sam Martin it shows what kind of organization this is.

12 man penalty is bad, what’s worse is the next drive the lions were in no huddle and the Packers lined up 13. Guess what didn’t happen… Yep, no call and the Packers were allowed to call a time out and get 11 lined up and they sack Stafford.

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Agree, he’s been terrible for years now.

Rodgers does it all the time if he can, he really looks for it to get a free play or a quick 5 yards. But the Lions? No, can’t have a quick snap when GB is on defense. It’s in the small print somewhere in the rulebook.

No, they lined up, by rule the play should have been stopped just like it was when the lions lined up with 12. What you’re describing is Rodgers getting a quick snap as someone is walking off the field, they’re not lined up in that instance.

Well, the fact is we were winning - period!

Fact is we sacked ARs ass to force a punting situation where we get the ball back with less than 9:00 min to play with a two score lead.

Fact is GB wasn’t good enough to be beating us at that time

That call was shit.

It gave them a TO they didn’t deserve that they didn’t earn.

It deflated the mental game at that moment…

The flag caused 7-14 point swing in the game with less than ten min to play

We keep the ball, and we grind out 3 min drive and punt… under 6 to play for two score for GB to make… they drive in 3 min and score. We get the ball back and kill the clock and win

This is the most probable outcome at that time as we also had momentum…

You say we failed to score TD vs FG.
I say who give a shit as WE WERE WINNING BY TWO SCOREs!!

How is that failing?

The only one who failed was the ref!

This is the first time ever I fully agree we got fucked. It’s not like we were behind by 2 and the ref hit us on Offesnse … we had that game and the ref still it - period

I’m out


It’s really pointless , it makes no difference what’s so ever that we kicked FG’s , that we made mistakes , that we allowed the rushing yards we did or if we had turned the ball over 5 times …it’s football the better team did not win last night . The better team was hosed…any and all mistakes are part of the game …Bottom Line get the calls correct , don’t make up penalties , and let the players decide the out come of games and if it was done that way …we win last night . A correctly called game with no bias nets us a win because we were good enough to get that win …It’s that simple