Odd for so many years using our handles


to go from that to : N , D, L , J W , picture globe ………just weird.

I’d rather see old way where: Air posted, VLG posted, Scott Allen posted, X, Y, Z… for example.


Hey Wolfcub, glad you made it over here.

I think once folks figure how to get a picture on there profile it will help identify who’s posting where. In the mean time, you can hoover your mouse over those symbols and it will show their name, or you can click on those symbols and it will open up a window that shows their actual message board name.


I am Crodley and I approve this Board.

Paid for by the committee to re-elect Crodley as resident Wisenheimer.


Welcome Crodley! Nice to have you here!


It’s going to take some time, sure, but so far this is the best site we’ve had on mobile which is a big deal.


Yeah, it’s gonna take some time to get used to…but everything new does.


Let’s just not fall into the cesspool we’ve seen many a forum fall into - Please.

Welcome everyone.


I have been wanting to shorten my user name for almost a decade LOL


But how will people know if your disappointed now


^^^ LOL

How the F do you quote a post here??? All I see is “Reply”


Hit the Reply in the window of the person you want to quote and then look on the top left corner of the text editor window for the quote symbol. Easy Peasy (though a bit weird the first time because you’re expecting to “quote” someone, not “reply” to them.


Is this a private party or can any long term Den Mate join?


It is open to everyone whose user name does not begin with “F” :grin:


Thanks :sunglasses:


FINE, I’ll take my ball and go.


Come on now…no need to do something rash.

Leave the ball here! :joy:


lol … He can take his balls with him. I’m not playing with em!


Oh, I see now. Thanks!


So much love…


It’s even easier than that. When you’re replying, just highlight the text you want to quote in the window above you and a Quote window pops up. Click that and there you go.

It even works on any part of the thread, just scroll up and down and highlight text.