Offense is getting there

Despite the loss I have to say I was very happy with the offense. This is a very good Minnesota defense and we moved the ball well against them (even without much of a running game). We have a wide range of offensive weapons and each week we have been able to exploit a specific matchup. Yesterday was MJ again. I think the complexity of Bevells blocking and running game is holding KJ and the run game in general back. Hopefully over time they continue to get better at it. Going into the season I felt the defense would keep us in games and the offense would hold us back. The offense seems to be finding its groove. I hope they can figure out the defense soon because this team has promise.

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This is a team that has owned us recently and have a good defense, and we just hung 30 on them. Noone else has done that this year, and only 2 teams were able to hang 30 on them last year (Saints and Rams).

We really need to get this defense fixed.


That’s what is so frustrating. We finally got rid of the predictable offense and short passes, to a spread the field but still have a run game (still in progress), but now we have a bad defense. If we could just get a top 15 in both offense and defense this team would be pretty good. I still have hope, but not sure if it happens this year or not.

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Yeah - really disappointing to see the secondary play so well early and still not look good on defense. I am sure the front 7 injuries have something to do with it but the drop–off in front 7 production is alarming.

Injuries have been insane, on the defensive side of the ball. The starting dL hasn’t even played a game together yet. Slay, Diggs, Davis. Daaaaamn.

By the time we got to the 3rd qtr, we were missing 5 or 6 starters.

Slay, Davis, Hand, Daniels, Harrison.

And Kerryon, on the other side of the ball.

I think part of it is we just lack a disruptive playmaker in the front 7. We have Walker, Slay, Diggs and Coleman all on the backend that can, and have made game changing plays. Flowers is a solid player - he holds the edge well and can push the pocket but he is not known for tons a game changing plays. Same for all of our front 7. Davis may have the ability to get there but he is not to this point. The opponent does not have anyone in our front 7 they have to game plan for. I think finding that piece will make a huge difference. Maybe it is Hand or Daniels or Bryant when he can start playing. I don’t know but if they don’t have that player on the team they need to find one. It can be the difference between being good and great.


That’s my issue as well. I think we have good talent in the secondary, but they can only do so much when the QB has all day to throw, it was tough watching this last game when Cousins pretty much have enough time to make a sandwich back there and survey the field. If we can’t get any pressure, we can’t expect the secondary to stop the pass either

PS - Bring back Jared Devries

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And Artose Pinner to bolster the run game!

We need at least one DE, a LB, a OG, and a backup OT this off season. Otherwise, I like this team.


Paris Lennon

God bless your optimism, mine has been defeated once again. Or am I just a “Walmart” fan?

And a RB, who has any confidence in KJ at this point?


Yeah, that’s enough to really piss you off. We were sitting pretty 3 months ago.

I agree completely. We need a difference maker in our front 7. Preferably on our DL. We have some solid players up front but we lack a true difrence maker.

More like Kmart … lol

Blue light special on isle 3.

I think we need a starting caliber OG who is a mauler. That means we would move on from GG.

Decker is an average LT at best but he makes too many mental mistakes and draws too many holding penalties. Personally I’d be looking to upgrade or move on from him.

WR - We need a speedy deep threat type who could develop into a solid number 2.

At DE I am a bit torn. Can Hand and Bryant be the pass rush specialists we desperately need on obvious passing downs? If not we need to be shoppers.

At LBer I like what we have as starters. I wouldn’t be opposed to better depth. Keep in mind Bryant could provide some LBer depth too.

I really think we will be drafting a DT in the first two rounds next year. Especially if Robinson leaves via free agency. I also think DT depth needs to improve behind Snacks.

In the DB dept. I like what we have at Safety and CB but we should always be looking to improve the unit.

I am not convinced we are shoppers yet. We seem to be a young team (front office and coach as well) that is growing/aging. I thought our best case was playoffs but didn’t see us as championship contenders yet. I hesitate to throw future assets to improve us now. Throwing picks at someone we keep for 2-3 years is different. But robbing from future drafts to secure a wild card seems like bad value to me.


Glasgow? Wiggins and the guy who’s name starts with “A” need to go. Glasgow is also backup C.

WR2? Marv catches everything and just turned in a 4 TD performance!

We only have one backup OT.
6 games into the season and we have no idea what we have at DE, other than Flowers.
Davis does not fit the scheme.
Of course, if an affordable upgrade becomes available at any position, you do it. I’m talking bonafide, “needs”.

I like Marvin but he’s 30 next year and will be looking at a new contract. He could be a hold out next year. Or he could play his final year and test the market. We need some speed at WR and I’d like it to be a guy who can start at # 2 in a year. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Lions move on from Marvin and trade him this offseason.

At DE let’s not forget we have Hand and Bryant. I see Hand splitting time with our DE’s. I think the Lions just need a pass rush specialist.

I’m gonna disagree on Davis. He’s playing hurt right now but I think he will be a solid LBer for us moving forward.